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How to add videos to classmates

If you actively use and are interested in social network "Odnoklassniki" and want to use all its features, you are probably interested in how to add video to

how to add video to classmates
classmates. This possibility is: you can download the video file either from your own computer or through video hosting.

How do I add a video from my computer?

In order to add "Classmates" to the sitevideo directly from your computer, you need to go to your page, select the category "Video", then click on the button with the words "Add video".

After the window opens, specify the location of the file in your computer, then click on the "Save" button.

Shortly after these actions, a window opens, in which you need to specify a title, a small description, and also a comma - tags (keywords).

You can specify who will be able to view your video in the "Will see" field: it will be available to all registered users, or only to your chosen friends.

classmates videos

It is necessary to put a tick in the field "II accept ", where it is a question of the terms of the user agreement and the fact that this is your video," Odnoklassniki "thus do not violate copyrights. After all these operations, click "Save".

This video file will appear in the section "My video", two minutes it is in moderation. After checking, the file will become available for viewing by users of the social network.

How to delete a video from the social network "Classmates"?

If you figured out how to add video to your classmates, but you want to remove it from there soon, go to the "My Videos" section, click there "Delete" button, and the video will disappear from the site.

How do I edit the description of a video?

As in the case of deletion, in the same section you should select the "Edit" button, there you make the necessary edits (description, accessibility).

How to add video to classmates with video hosting?

If you use, for example, YouTube hosting, you need to open the page with

video classmates
video file that you want to upload to"Classmates", copy the address bar. Go to the social network page and use the "Link" button to insert the address of the file in YouTube, then click on the "Add" button.

Perhaps you want to describe the video or share it with your friends, then it will appear in your news feed.

How to add video manually to classmates?

Perhaps you have a need to add video to classmates manually. Then you should take the following steps:

  • Open a new browser tab. Type the address of the site "Classmates".
  • Open the tab with the video file you uploaded to YouTube, be sure to copy its address.
  • Return to the open first tab, in the "Link" section, select the "Paste" item, using the mouse or the ctrl + v keys.
  • Press Enter, then "Share with Friends".

Where can I find the video that was added to "Odnoklassniki"?

Your videos that you uploaded and added to the site are in the "All My Videos" section in the "Videos" tab.

If you figured out how to add video to your classmates, you can safely use this opportunity to work with this social network.