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Find out why the music is not playing

The Russian social network VKontakte has longhas become an integral part of the life of a significant proportion of the population not only in our country, but also in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and some others. Here you can find music, movies, old acquaintances and new friends on interests, "sit" on cognitive public pages and learn the latest news from various spheres of life. However, despite the fact that developers daily try to provide the most comfortable location of users on the site, without problems it can not do.

Why music does not play in contact
For example, many people ask: "Why does not music play In contact with?" If you also want to know the answer to this question, read this article.

Why can not I play music on Facebook?

In the event that you only connected todayThe Internet has never been used before, it is possible that you have chosen an inappropriate tariff - one that gives too slow a speed. Neither music nor video can be downloaded at the same time. Only text and pictures are displayed normally. However, providers have high speed on certain days there are problems. This means that preventive work is being done - you just have to wait until the next day.

listen and download music
Another and, perhaps, the most important reason,explaining why the music does not play in contact, is an outdated version of the flash player or lack thereof on your computer. Try following the instructions below, most likely it will help you.

How to install AdobeFlashPlayer

  1. Find the site from which you can download this flash player and start the download.
  2. Before clicking on "Download", you can (optionally) tick a box that confirms your agreement to install the additional program "McAfee Security Scan Plus".
  3. After that, another page will open.It will contain an instruction that will explain what to do in the installation process. By the way, it has already begun. To start these steps, go to the folder where the program was saved. Open the last one.
  4. When the message that the program is installed appears on the screen, restart your computer.

find music
Everything, now the flash player will work, and,accordingly, you can listen and download music on the social network VKontakte. Yes, it turns out, you can also download! And there are several ways. Now that you no longer ask why you can not play VKontakte, you can not only enjoy your favorite tunes online, but also upload them to your player.

Install the program for downloading music from the VK page

  1. Find in the search engine site from which you can download the program "VKMusic 4". Versions are constantly updated, choose the latest version.
  2. Click the "Download" button.
  3. Open the program in the folder where it loaded. In the window that appears, click Start.
  4. In the newly appearing windows, always click "Next", and after that install the application. It takes only a few minutes.

Very soon you can download music from VKontakte.