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Real testimonials: Vkracker - program for hacking pages "VKontakte"

Today, social networks can be found all.There are our friends, acquaintances, relatives, as well as our enemies and people, whom we would like to make some kind of dirty trick. It is for such purposes, as a rule, programs similar to Vkracker 6 are looking for. Feedback about the program, the principle of its operation, and also why it is not worth using this add-on, will be discussed in this article.

How does Vkracker work?

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About how it is arranged and how it functionsthe program in question is available from its official description. Program Vkracker (reviews, however, this does not confirm) helps to hack into other people's pages "VKontakte". This is done by bruteforce (or, more simply, by sequencing the passwords from the database to the victim's account).

Thus, the work of the supplementis to "guess" the real password by mass substitution. In the database, from which options will be taken for selection, the most common passwords are collected. Thus, Vkracker guesses the password and gives access to the person's account, and you can already do anything with it.

Working with the program is easy:you need to specify the victim's account, then drive in your own account information (in order to bypass the protection of the social network), after which the program will begin selecting. Then, after finding the required option, you will receive a password.

Feedback from real users

However, if you take into account the real feedback,Vkracker is arranged a little differently. Rather, in form everything happens exactly as noted in the description. In fact, after the program has been searching through the possible password options for a long time, a message appears asking you to register your version of Vkracker (more precisely, to buy a "license" by sending a sms message). After the message is sent and the money is written off from the sender's account, the program does not perform any actions.

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Other users who installed the program,note also that their account after a certain time is filled with advertising, various spam and "left" applications. According to other reviews, Vkracker is to blame.

What is really happening?

To understand where the developers of the program have access to the account of the person who installed it, you should carefully consider the procedure for working with the application.

So, it all starts with the fact that youinstall a program for the selection of passwords for accounts "VKontakte" on your computer. The name of this application is Vkracker neo. Testimonies indicate that nothing surprising happens at this stage - there are no viruses in the program, it behaves in a friendly manner with respect to the operating system of your computer. All the fun begins much later.

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After you enter the page number"Victim" (whose account we are going to hack into), the program asks for access to your profile, supposedly to bypass the captcha (protection) of the system. In fact, this is a simple way to entice user data. In the future, using this information will not be hacked by someone else's, but your page.

The second method of deception is the request to sendsms. It's no secret that this message is paid, and for its sending a certain amount of money will be written off. Thus, there is a double "divorce" of a person who wanted to hack someone's page. According to the reviews, Vkracker is a good tool for restoring justice! Like, do not try to annoy someone, otherwise you'll get yourself.

Why is it impossible to hack VC in this way?

So, we found out that the Vkracker application is notit is workable, it simply entices money and data from your account. Now the second question: "Could it be that some other program can actually pick up a password? Is it really possible to hack someone's page in this way?"

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The answer is unequivocal: no.Of course, you can access another's page by using, for example, phishing (data luring from the user). However, it is much more difficult to organize this - simply downloading one program is not enough.

In addition, it should be noted, confirmingnegative reviews, Vkracker can not crack the page by brute force because of the strong protection that is on the VKontakte site. So, the user is given only a few attempts to enter a password, after which a temporary lock is turned on. Thus, you will not be able to sort through thousands of different passwords.