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Set of text at home as a way to make money on the Internet

Work on the Internet now isa find for everyone who wants to provide for themselves and their loved ones in times of crisis and unemployment. In addition, even a schoolboy can work for a personal laptop or computer, because an employer or customer often does not care how many years the performer has a certificate, certificate or diploma. No tough conditions for candidates are required in such a profession as "typing on PC". This vacancy is available for anyone who can quickly type on the keyboard. It would seem an ideal job! Sit down and rewrite! But what lies under such a tempting offer? This article provides information on such popular work as "typing at home", all the nuances are considered. But aside from the good side, there is also a bad one, which you will read below.

What is this profession?

To begin with, consider what constitutesthe work of the type-holder. As a rule, the responsibility is to reprint a text, translating it into an electronic form. For example, you need to reprint the manuscript in a new Microsoft Word document. Another option is to reprint the text from the student's methodology in the same program. Then the finished work is sent for verification to the person who ordered the work.

The only skills you need to have are:

  • ability to quickly type on the keyboard;
  • attentiveness and desire to correct typos;
  • possession of basic knowledge of the PC (ability to work with office programs, image editor or with applications for viewing photos).

You need to have the assiduity to bringthe business started to the end. It can be said that typing at home is a responsible matter. You need to be able to track typos, errors not only your own, but also in the text attached by the customer.

typing at home without cheating

In addition, you should be prepared for the fact thatyou will need to insert formulas, tables and graphs, find suitable pictures on the Internet. Therefore, it is recommended to study all the functions of office programs in advance, so that you do not have to waste time and start working right away. Of course, you need constant access to the Internet.

Often the scope of work is quite large, and the timeis given very little. Therefore, always agree with the customer terms. It is advisable for a beginner to take small tasks in order to assess his strength and abilities. It is recommended to record the time, then compare it with the volume of the text. Thus, you can understand how quickly you will cope with the task.

How to pay

If the contractor coped with the order, the customermust pay for the work. But first we'll discuss what should be in your possession so that there are no difficulties. The fact is that every employer / customer has his own ways of communicating with performers and paying.

fair payment for typing

Customers pay for the work on typing at home, most often on electronic wallets. Also you must have e-mail and other available means of communication:

  • Email,
  • page in social networks,
  • phone,
  • Skype and other messengers.

It is recommended to create the following electronic wallets:

  • "Yandex money",
  • WebMoney,
  • "Qiwi-wallet".

With very few exceptions, customers / employers transfer funds to a bank card.

Where to find work

The easiest way to use search engines inThe Internet. It is enough to type "Set of texts on the computer at home", and you will see how many job offers will appear. Jobs can be placed on various sites:

  • universal bulletin boards, for example "Avito";
  • portals for job search and resume ("SuperJob", "Job.ru", etc.);
  • sites of Internet professions;
  • a freelance exchange (temporary and permanent work on the Internet);
  • portals by typing.

Also, vacancies can be found in some communities of social networks related to remote work and freelancing.

Typically, the employer or simply the customer specifies the requirements, scope and timing of implementation, as well as their contacts, where to send a response or resume.

Do I need attachments?

Any work, as is known, should bringincome worker, but not the other way around. Unfortunately, approximately 99% of all ads imply not paying for your work, but quite the opposite, that is, you must make an "insurance contribution" at the same time as taking the order to work. "Employers" explain this: "So that the authors do not fail us, we do the work on time and qualitatively, we introduce an insurance premium for each of you in the amount ...". And the amount that the contractor must enter can vary from a few hundred rubles to 1.5-2 thousand rubles.

Any work on the Internet should be without attachments. Dialing at home does not require any money from the contractor in favor of the customer. Therefore, in no case do not transfer your money to anyone!

How not to run into scammers

There are several ways that will help to understand whether the customer is a fraudster or not. The most obvious sign we have already considered is the so-called "insurance premiums".

Also worth mentioning reviews.Typing at home is a popular job on the Internet, but it's even more popular among scammers. Honest customers can be found on forums to find work, in communities and social networking groups on the topic of remote work. Typically, users share information about who to work with and who should be avoided. There are on the Internet pages such topics as "Black List of Employers" and "I Recommend to Cooperation."

text typing and fraud

But the most reliable way is to talk with yourselfcustomer. Let him give you a very small task. For example, text in the volume of 1000-1500 characters without spaces. Negotiate payment after verification. In no case do not take large amounts and very difficult work when meeting.

User feedback on the web about work

This type of work, like typing at home, reviews are in most cases negative. People complain about the following:

  • long check,
  • ignoring questions on the part of performers,
  • forwarding to other resources,
  • requests to wait,
  • requirement to pay for any action.

Unfortunately, almost all specialized siteson a set of texts do not pay executors, but receive payment from those customers who gave them work. In fact, such "employers" on which we get on the Web are agents. Occasionally vacancies are laid out by publishers.

Where to pay honestly?

Is it possible to dial text at home without cheating? You can safely say that it is possible. But it is desirable to adhere to some recommendations. Try to find a customer by acquaintance. Maybe one of your relatives or friends was already working as a type-setter, received an honest payment. But if there are none, then you can go to the freelance exchange or articles. It is desirable to choose popular exchanges, where there are a lot of users - both customers and performers. And most importantly, the site should be arbitration (moderators, monitoring the order of work on the site and resolving conflict situations between performers and customers). Be sure to read the rules and conditions before registering. In such should be indicated points regarding the payment of work by the customer, and what will happen if the work is not paid.

Alternative to typing

Often among those wishing to work remotely, the question arises, who else can work to deal with the keyboard and text.

typing on a computer at home

Let's enumerate what kind of work on the Internet is at home:

  • typing;
  • copyright (writing articles for sites);
  • rewriting (rewriting existing articles with preservation of structure and meaning);
  • translation from foreign languages ​​and vice versa;
  • decoding of audio and video recordings;
  • administration of social networks.

We can say that typing is the simplest work, but on condition that the material from the customer is readable.

Is it official work?

They have neither official registration norconstancy of most types of work at home. A set of text is considered one of the simplest among all the proposals on the Internet. Accordingly, the official experience, pension savings and tax deductions can not be said. Occasionally, only some publishers, scientific institutions hire a regular job typing.

typing on laptop

Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that skills andexperience will be, and proofs and length of service - no. But often when looking for work can be lucky, if you really know what you need to do, know how to quickly and accurately type the text, then you will definitely be accepted for official work. This is the undoubted plus of the freelancer - the type-writer.

Estimated profit for the month

Often, users are interested in how much they pay for working at home. Typing is low-wage labor, but it all depends on:

  • payment for 1000 characters of printed text;
  • complexity of work;
  • the volume of tasks;
  • regularity of work.

You can earn and 200 rubles per monthpodrabotki, and it is possible and as much as 20 thousand rubles for 30 days of painstaking work. But if the work is informal, it is better to agree with the customer about the frequency of payment: daily, for each work or weekly.

At first, ask to pay eachperformed material to make sure of honesty. You can, of course, have the courage to demand an advance payment, but not every employer agrees to this.

Artist age

Typing for money at home is work for everyone. As a rule, compilers of vacancies do not indicate a rigid age framework. Even a schoolchild studying in grades 5-9 can try it out, but on the condition that the material issued by the customer is printed, readable.

typesetters of the text and mothers in the decree

Also there are no restrictions for pensioners, invalids and mums in a decree, only it is necessary to hand over the work on time and not make mistakes.

Is the profession harmful to health?

If you plan to work constantly, you understand,that you are satisfied with typing at home, then you need to be prepared for the fact that health can be shaken. What is the reason for this? First, you spend the whole day sitting at your computer or laptop. And this means that your fingers are constantly bent, the eyes are regularly strained when reading the text, and the lifestyle is sedentary. Accordingly, the following problems can arise:

  • physical inactivity,
  • myopia,
  • slouch,
  • problem with internal organs and systems.

To avoid such trouble, you need to regularly leave the workplace, do warm-up, move. Tired eyes are suitable gymnastics in training glasses, a walk with a review of everything around.

Prospects for career growth

Is there a career growth in the typesetters? It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, since the goal of such activity is different for all. Suppose a person wants to learn how to quickly write texts, so that in the future independently actively write author's articles, books. In this case, you can consider working on the Internet at home. Recruitment among professionals is considered a frivolous occupation. Especially because the work is mainly offered by scammers. But nevertheless the skill can be useful, for example, to future authors, secretaries.

Why so many deceptive offers

Is it work without deceit? Typing at home is actually a rarity. It is worthwhile to understand why there is so little honest work with decent pay. Not much material is currently available, which requires reprints, especially for publishers. Modern authors most often use office programs to create their own texts. And all that is needed - decrypt or reprint - as a rule, is entrusted to official employees.

employer of text-writers

But why so many offers on the Internet and onmany work sites? Agree that typing at home - it's very simple, accessible, at the same time you can learn a lot of interesting things. This is what fraudsters use, luring credulous people. Therefore, we recommend that you do not believe all in a row, but check the employer for honesty.

In conclusion, it should be noted that it is not worth itDespair, if you do not have other skills and interests other than this profession. Who searches, as a rule, finds an ideal variant. You can register on the freelance exchange or articles, find a suitable job there. But you just need to be prepared for what can be deceived here. For example, the task specifies that the volume does not exceed 5000 characters without spaces, but the text in the scanned book turned out to be 15000 characters in size. For processing may not pay, referring to the fact that everything is stipulated.

Typing at home without attachments is temptingproposal and, at first glance, a profitable occupation. There are a lot of similar vacancies in the Global Network, they are practically not in short supply. But if we eliminate all dishonest proposals, then such a profession will be practically absent from the vast expanses of the Russian-language Internet.