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Buttons of social networks for the site

With the growth in the number and quality of user-defined functions of social networks, their popularity among users has also grown.
The birth of a social networking button for a website is directly related to the popularity and massiveness of social networks.

Today, practically every person who has access to the Internet has his own (personal) page in at least one social network. Often - in several.
The buttons of social networks for the site have ceased to be a tool used exclusively by site optimizers to attract new visitors to a site.

Growth of the culture of using social networksled to the fact that users themselves want to use the convenience that provides buttons for quick access to social networks. Users of the network buttons give the opportunity to instantly share interesting information.
As a matter of fact, the script of buttons of social networks isa macro that frees the user from several routine activities, and provides the ability to quickly transfer the user's selected information from one Internet resource to another.

Each of the social networks offers its own buttons forsite. They can be obtained directly from a particular social network, along with installation instructions on the site. The instructions may vary, depending on which platform the site is running on. Install buttons on the site, following the instructions, it's easy enough.
Typically, these buttons use javascript, which has its pros and cons.
The disadvantages include the impact on site load speed. The pluses include the ability to track statistics, which is important for experienced bloggers.
Buttons of social networks for the site are important, but it is necessaryobserve a balance of interests. A large number of scripts will inevitably affect the download speed of the site. In this connection, experts recommend limiting their number only the most necessary, and effective in terms of website promotion.

Many bloggers and specialists use simple andno less than workable "self-made" buttons. Those who want to create buttons independently can apply with a corresponding query to the search engine. The result of the search will be a large list of offers with ready templates of simple scripts and ready-made button designs.
Follow the instructions given to the scripts (fromthemselves), without much difficulty, you can solve the task. The biggest difficulty with self-installing and customizing the button scripts is to align or adjust the buttons under the content or design of the site page.

Many people want and install a block of social network buttons. In many cases, the blocks look more aesthetically pleasing than the individual or grouped buttons.

Great advantage when installing the buttonsocial networks for the site are those users who have websites or blogs running on popular engines. For them, a large number of plug-ins are available, automatically solving the problem of installing buttons or their blocks. In addition, almost all plug-ins provide the user with a wide range of options for changing the design of buttons. Also, they allow you to change the set of buttons at the user's choice.

Different plug-ins offer different sets of settingsand the number of buttons that can be set. The number of plugins is large and everyone can choose the one that best suits the specific needs of the site.
Additional advantage in useplugins is that with their help you can in seconds change the design, layout (vertically, horizontally) of the buttons. Such needs regularly appear on sites that are often updated by design.
There is one general rule: it is safer and more convenient to use those tools that are more understandable and do not require outside interference for tuning, if there is an equivalent choice.