/ How to withdraw money from Yandex-purse in cash?

How to withdraw money from "Yandex-purse" in cash?

Modern Internet users are thinking abouthow to withdraw money from Yandex-purse. Can I do this at all? We will have to find the answers to these questions further. If you carefully study the information in Yandex.Money, you can solve the problem without problems.

Opportunity or fairy tale

Is it possible to withdraw money from Yandex-purse or is it a stupid idea that does not come true?

How to withdraw money from your wallet

Withdrawing money from electronic payment systems inRussia is a common practice. And Yandex.Money provides several simple solutions for the implementation of ideas in life. Next we will consider all possible variants of the development of events.

Before You Begin

But first we'll figure out what to douser to withdraw funds from the "Yandex-purse" in one way or another. Everyone should know about this, otherwise the instructions below will not help, and the service for cashing out funds will be blocked.

To understand how you can withdraw money from the "Yandex-purse", the user will need:

  • create a profile on Yandex.Money;
  • to ensure that money appears in the wallet;
  • get a personal account.

It is advisable to open an additional bank account or plastic, then the assigned task will cause a minimum of hassle.

Methods of cashing and withdrawal

How to withdraw money from Yandex-purse? There are several solutions to this problem. Each user can choose the most simple and profitable algorithm of actions.

Withdrawal from Yandex

To date, you can withdraw money from Yandex.Money:

  • using a proprietary bank card;
  • through a transaction to the bank plastic of any financial institution;
  • by transfer to a bank account;
  • with the help of accelerated transfers to financial organizations;
  • through the systems of transfers such as "Contact" and "Western Union".

What does each scenario suggest? How can you put them into practice?

Ordering a card from "Yandex"

How to withdraw money from Yandex-purse?In order to greatly simplify the task, the user can release the brand plastic Yandex. This is an ordinary bank card, the account of which is linked to the electronic payment system. This is very convenient, since all the money will be at hand under any circumstances.

Unistream and Yandex

To order Yandex plastic, you need:

  1. Log in to your wallet.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the "Uncheck" button.
  3. Click on the hyperlink "Bank card Yandex ...".
  4. Click the "Issue card" button.
  5. Fill in the request form. It does not require any passport data.
  6. Pay for the plastic manufacturing service. It is advisable to write off money from Yandex.Money.
  7. Click the confirmation button.

Approximately a month the bank card will be sent by registered mail. Now it can be used as an ordinary plastic. But what if you want to withdraw money?

ATMs to help

The thing is that in the presence of the above-describedplastic will be able to cope with the task in the shortest possible time. Does the user have a "Yandex-purse"? How can I withdraw money from the ATM in this case? It is enough just to order a branded Yandex bank card, and then use any ATM. The commission will be charged 3%, but not less than 100 rubles.

In general, the algorithm for cash withdrawal will be as follows:

  1. Insert the Yandex card into the ATM and enter the PIN.
  2. Select "Operations with bank cards" - "Withdraw cash".
  3. Specify the amount of the transaction.
  4. Get money at the ATM.
  5. Pick up bank plastic Yandex.
Ways of transferring money

Important: restrictions on cash withdrawal apply.With a personal profile in "Yandex-purse" user for a day can cash out no more than 5,000 rubles. If the limit is exhausted, the money will not be withdrawn from the system, and the ATM will give an error.


Is it possible to withdraw money from the terminal with"Yandex-purse"? No. The thing is that such machines are not equipped by default with a cash issue function. But you can use the Yandex card to pay for services through terminals. If ATM has a cash dispensing function, the algorithm of actions will be implemented in the same way as in the case of an ATM. But in Russia, such machines are not found. Therefore, it is worth considering that withdrawal of funds through payment terminals is impossible.

Transfer to another plastic

How to withdraw money from Yandex-purse? To do this, you can use the transfer to a bank plastic of any financial institution. Transactions provide for a commission of 3% + 15 rubles.

The guide for translating funds is as follows:

  1. Open "Yandex" and go through the authorization in the purse.
  2. Go to the "Remove" - ​​"To the card of any bank."
  3. Fill in the form that appears on the screen.
  4. Click on the "Translate" button.

After this, it remains only to wait. The user will receive the funds within 3 working days. Usually money comes almost instantly.

Transfer to the card

How to withdraw cash from "Yandex-purse" money after that? It is enough simply to select the appropriate item in the ATM of the selected financial institution. This task does not raise any questions.

Bank account

How can I withdraw money from Yandex-purse? The next way is to use the transfer to a bank account.

The step-by-step process is as follows:

  1. Click on "Take off" in the upper right corner of Yandex.Money.
  2. The choice of the "To the account in the bank" service.
  3. Filling in the request form: BIC of the bank, name and surname of the recipient, account number, ID for crediting.
  4. Indicate the amount you want to transfer.
  5. Click on the "Translate" button.

As in the previous case, the user will receive money in 3 days. A fee is charged for the procedure. It is 3% of the transfer amount + 15 rubles extra.

For cashing out money remains:

  1. Take the passport.
  2. Come to the bank branch where the account is opened.
  3. Inform the employee of the intention to withdraw money.
  4. Pick up at the box office the named amount of funds. Before this, you have to fill out the request form.

It is done. But this is not all the possible options offered to users.

Fast translation

How to withdraw money from Yandex-purse quickly and without problems? You can order an expedited transfer. It is offered to everyone who has a card / account with Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff, Discovery or Promsvyazbank.

Instructions for ordering money are as follows:

  1. Go to the "Remove to Yandex.Money" block and select the appropriate menu item.
  2. Fill out the request form.
  3. Send a request for processing.
Cash withdrawal limits in ATMs

Transaction provides for a commission of 3%. At a time, you can print no more than 15,000 rubles. The money will be credited in a few minutes.

Payment systems to help

How to withdraw money from Yandex-purse? The last sentence is the receipt of money through payment systems of the "Contact" type. Such operations have a large commission, so the reception is not in demand.

But if a user wants to withdraw money in this way, he will have to:

  1. Select the desired payment system in the "Remove" section of "Yandex".
  2. Specify the surname, name and patronymic of the recipient.
  3. Enter the city where the person lives.
  4. Choose the point of receiving money.
  5. Print the recipient's phone number.
  6. Specify the amount of the transfer.
  7. Click on the "Show ..." button.

Once the transaction is completed, the citizen will receive an alert. Now it remains to take the passport and collect the money.