/ / Invisible in "Classmates". How can you recognize the invisible in "Odnoklassniki"? How to turn on invisibility in "Classmates"?

Invisible in "Classmates". How can you recognize the invisible in "Odnoklassniki"? How to turn on invisibility in "Classmates"?

The social network Odnoklassniki useshuge popularity among users of the "World Wide Web." Until recently, the site had one advantageous advantage, which significantly allocated it among other similar places of Internet hangouts. Previously, users did not have the opportunity to hide their visit to the page of another user of the network, for example their foe or the girl they liked, but the site administration helped to realize this opportunity by providing a new service called "Invisible". What does invisible mean in Odnoklassniki? This is what will become the topic of our today's conversation.

What is the service "Invisible" in "Odnoklassniki"

invisible in classmates
What is this service? Everything is quite simple: after connecting the service, any resident of Odnoklassniki can freely walk through the "houses" of other users, remaining unrecognized.

The advantages of "invisible"

Like any other service, "Invisible" provides several additional features:

  1. By connecting the service "Invisible" in "Classmates", the user can freely visit other people's profiles, remaining incognito. Instead of the guest's photo, a black profile will be displayed.
  2. After the end of the service period, the dark silhouette displayed in the guest tab will not be replaced by a real visitor's photo.

How to recognize the invisible?

how to enable invisibility in classmates
Probably the most relevant at the moment forusers of the social network the question: "How in the Classmates" learn the invisibility? ". To get a complete answer to the question, you need to understand how this service works.

First of all, any user, looking inforeign profile with the mode turned on, does not have a blinking beacon "On the site" under its photograph. It also does not appear in the tape indicating which of the friends are currently on the site. Yes, and instead of the avatar is displayed just a picture: a male or female silhouette. And to determine who went to your page is absolutely impossible.

As a rule, all visitors to the profile are displayedin the "Guests" tab. From this section, the avatar of the invisibility will automatically be deleted after 30 days. It can disappear a little earlier, if the invisible guest again goes to the page, but with the invisibility mode turned off. Then the picture-silhouette will automatically be replaced by a real photo of the guest. This is almost the only way to get to know your invisible visitor.

Invisible in "Classmates" can notunobstructed strolling around someone else's closed profiles, unless, of course, he is not the friend of the owner of the page. Therefore, if your profile is closed for visits, then someone from friends became invisible.

Service activation

How do I enable Invisible in Odnoklassniki?On your page directly below the avatar there is an item "Other actions". We highlight this inscription with the help of a computer mouse, click on the link "Enable invisibility" and simply follow the paragraphs of the instructions that appear.

Service cost

how to learn invisibility in classmates
This service is chargeable.The minimum period for using invisible mode is 10 days from the moment of its activation. The cost of the service is from 20 OK. "OK" is the internal currency of the site, through which various services are paid. The maximum period of use of the "Invisible" is 3 months, and the cost, respectively, is 180 OK.

The service will be connected directly afterrequest if there are funds in the account. If not, you will need to purchase the necessary amount for payment. You can buy OK and in many ways. We accept bank cards, electronic money. Payment can be made through the payment terminal or written off from the mobile phone account.

We buy the currency of "Classmates" through a mobile phone

Users of this social network mostlyare young people who are much easier to pay the bill through a mobile phone. The account must be at least 35 rubles, if you decide to purchase a minimum amount of 20 OK. To buy OK, you should click under the main photo the inscription "Fund your account". In the window that opens, we select the most suitable payment option, in our case, a mobile phone. We highlight this tab and enter your mobile phone number. In a few seconds, a message will be sent to the specified number, in which the secret code will be contained. We enter it in the appropriate box, and the payment transaction is completed: the amount of payment is written off from the mobile account, and the internal account is replenished with the number of ordered OKs. The same algorithm is used to purchase OKs through other payment systems.

"Classmates": invisible guests

classmates guests are invisible
How to get rid of bored invisible visitors?Previously, the site had access to view the HTML code of the page where you could see the uninvited guest. But at the moment this possibility was closed by the administration.

If you are bored by someone of similar invisibles,regularly visiting your page, and the decision to calculate this incognito has become an almost obsession, then you need to move on to decisive action.

If you constantly communicate in a given socialnetwork and have a wonderful visual memory, then view the guests for the past few days. The essence of the method is that if someone from acquaintances looked at you under a black silhouette, but today again looked, but already with the mode turned off, then its real avatar will be displayed.

Somewhat more difficult with such invisible visitors,if they have not been seen at your place before. If he does not give special troubles, then do not worry. Perhaps it's a secret admirer.

But it is possible and a different development of events.Strain memory and remember all the unpleasant situations that happened not so long ago. It is likely that the invisible is the opponent of that conflict and thus avenges you for the offense. If you suspect that this is one of the friends hiding behind the mask, then bring it to the "Black List". If the visits stop, then the suspicions turned out to be correct.

If the visitor really delivers too mucha lot of trouble, then, as the latest option, it is worth turning to moderators. At the same time, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate form, in which to briefly and clearly state the very essence of the problem. You will not recognize the name of the annoying visitor, but you will not be able to continue to dirty on the page.

Limit your profile

invisible in classmates can be seen
Get additional protection from invisiblevisitors will help to close the profile. As a rule, the user's friends already have full access to his information, photos, and they do not need to activate the "Invisible" profile. Also, you will not be able to access the profile of the user from people listed in the "Black List", and the dark mask will not help here.

The subtleties of the "Invisible" mode

which means invisibility in classmates
During the paid subscription period of the serviceThe user independently decides whether to enable the invisible mode or use the site, while remaining open to the user's eyes. Choosing the status of "Invisible" in "Classmates", do not forget about one very important point. Leaving a comment, a message or evaluating the photo you like, the user automatically declassifies himself. And then the invisible in "Classmates" is seen becoming everything.

We hope that you have found all the answers to your questions.