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How to find a person in "Contact" by id and other data

"VKontakte" is a popular social network thatattracts mostly young people. If you register an account on this web resource, you can search for friends, classmates for communication, install interesting applications, play games.

How to find a person in "Contact"?

how to find a person vkontakte by id
By id (unique number), name and surnamehelps to search the social network search service. The data entry field is located on the top of the toolbar. If you enter the first and last name, the service will provide a list of people with such data. How to find a person by id? Similarly, if you enter the unique user number "VKontakte" in the search field, the service will open the page of the person registered under this number. If you can not find a friend by first and last name (often the data is the same), then by the number you will surely find it. If you do not know how to find the id in a contact, then you need to look in the "My settings" section on your page. The tab named "General" displays all the main functions of the service. Almost at the very end of the section you will see the address of your page: the number and the link to it. The user of "VKontakte" is searched mainly with the help of this data. A number is a unique combination of numbers that is assigned to everyone at registration. The link indicates the email address of your page on the Internet. If you want to be found in "VKontakte", then call this number your friends and acquaintances. Seeking this way is easier and faster. How to find a person in "Contact" on id? This question is often asked on the Internet. The answer to it can be found on the pages of the social network in the "Help" section.

how to find a person by id
Advanced search in "VKontakte"

This function was created in order to expandthe possibilities of a social network. Using it, you can find the target audience. Enter any name or surname in the search field and press the enter key. The task for the service department is the same as finding a person in the "Contact" by id, only now are advanced options for searching. This means that the service will not find a specific person, but users of the social network according to the parameters you specify. Enter the necessary data and create your target groups for mailings or invitations to communities.

how to find id in contact
In "VKontakte" there was a search function fornews. Here you can find the content you are interested in. To do this, go to the menu item called "My News", and then open the "Search" function. Fill in the required fields, and the service will make a selection of the given parameters.

"Help" function

Active users "VKontakte" use allservices that the social network offers. They are necessary for a pleasant pastime, as well as for the promotion of their business. If you forgot something or did not keep up with the innovation, you can always use the "Help" button. Here you can find out how to find a person in "Contact" by id, make account verification and so on. To do this, click the help button and ask a question in the input field. The service will find the answer to the question in the database or offer its own. Use all the functions of the social network and enjoy a pleasant pastime.