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Some tips on how to add photos to "Classmates"

How to add a photo to Odnoklassniki?For the old-timers of the site, who already know it as their five fingers, it will not be difficult. But newcomers can still get lost on the expanses of the popular social network. In fact, this procedure is quite simple, and any user can handle it.

how to add photos to classmates

So, how to add a photo to "Classmates"?

To begin with, the coveted photos should already bebe on your computer, and you need to know what folder they are in. You can also simply move them to the desktop. To do this, open the folder with the photo and drag it with the mouse.

Now go to your page and startunderstand how to upload photos in "Classmates". This can be done in two ways. The fact is that there all the photos are divided into personal photos and photos from the albums that you will create.

Method # 1. If you add personal photos

On your page on the left side, go tosection "Add a personal photo." Before you open a window with folders on your computer, find the photo you need, select it and click on the "Open" button.

how to upload photos to classmates

After that, your photo will be uploaded to the server, and you will automatically go to the "Mark friends and add description" section. There you can sign your photo and mark those who are on it.

By the way, you can later edit it freelytheir signatures and marks. And one more thing: it is from the section "Personal photos" that pictures are placed on the main page, albums can not be made from it.

Method number 2. How to add a photo to "Odnoklassniki" in the "Photo Albums" section?

On the main page under your surname (there can beto be just a name or anything, anything) there is a line with sections. Go to the "Photos". Here you can add personal images, and create your own albums.

If you want to create an album, then click ontab «Photo albums», then to the icon «Create photo album». Before you will be a window where you can write a name and mark those who can view it. Click "Save" and add the necessary images, as described previously.

add video to classmates

Not so long ago it was possible to add videoin "Classmates". In principle, it was possible to do this before, but you had to place your video file on another resource (specifically designed for this), and only a link to this file was added to Odnoklassniki, and the viewing capability was preserved.

Now this is much easier.On your page at the top find a thick orange strip with the listed sections, go to the "Video". On the opened page in the upper left corner click on the button "Add video". A window appears in which you need to select the desired video, highlight it and click on the "Open" button. In the next window you give your file a title, description, insert keywords and click "Save". Your video file will be uploaded to the server. Now you can view it in the section "My video", which you will find on the left under the button "Add video".

That's all the answers to the question of how to addphoto to "Odnoklassniki", as well as video. Everything is quite simple, and special knowledge is not required for this, it is only necessary to do it yourself once. By the way, in the same way you can add some interesting or funny pictures and create albums with them, for example, for congratulations. And then celebrate your friends on one of the cards, congratulating them in this way with the New Year or Birthday.