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Social networks: how to delete a page in the "Mail"

To date, many refuse servicesSome of the services they used before. Mile.ru is no exception. But before you decide to take this step, you should think carefully about whether you really need to delete your page. In addition to it, all your data will be deleted, including audio and video recordings, photos and much more. But if you still decided to rid yourself of the use of the services of this service, then you should better understand the issue of how to delete the page in the "Mail".

Deleting the "My World" page

how to delete page in mail

You need to go to the site "Mile.ru "(" My page "), using your login and password. On the left side you will see various tabs: "Photos", "News Feed", "Friends", "Video", "Music", etc. Among them you will find the "Settings" tab. You need to scroll down a little, and there you will see a sentence: "Yes, I want to delete my world, having lost all the information entered ...". Click on the button "Delete your world". Then you will see a message from the administration that you can block access to your world from all users except your friends, or unsubscribe from all notifications.

The system will warn you about what you will lose in thethe case of the removal of "His peace." Your photos and your friends will disappear, there will be an automatic exit from all groups in which you are. You need to tick off all the listed services that you are ready to lose. After that you can delete your page.

Some nuances

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The system will give a little time for you toOnce again everyone weighed. Within 48 hours you can still cancel the removal of your world, if you change your mind. During this period of time you will have time to decide and learn how to delete the page in the "Mail". The main thing is to weigh in time all the pros and cons. In any case, you still have the opportunity to create a new world.

Deleting your mailbox

If you decide to learn not only howdelete the page in the "Mail", but also how to delete your mailbox, then you have to do something different. But again, think carefully before you take this step. If after you delete "Your World" you lose only the information you have on it, and the opportunity to seek new friends, then by deleting the mailbox, you can not receive any more letters to it.

So, you learned how to remove "Mile.ru "(a page belonging to you, of course, and not the service itself). Now let's look at the removal of your mailbox. To do this, go to the "Help" tab, where the list of questions that are most frequently encountered among users will be laid out. You need to find the question: "How do I delete a mailbox that I no longer need?" After clicking on it, a new page will open with advice on how you need to proceed.

how to remove mail page
The proposed council will have a link on whichyou need to go through. This is a special interface, created so that you do not delete the mailbox "purely by accident". The system will again warn you about what you can lose by removing your box. You just need to name the reason you are going to delete it, and enter your current password. The reason you can specify absolutely any - it does not affect the further process in any way. Entering the password is necessary for the simple reason that no one can independently manage the box or delete it. Therefore, the system provided additional precautions.

All your data, as well as your world and mail will bedeleted after 5 working days, i.e. during this time you can still return everything back if desired. And after 3 months, new users will be able to choose the name of your box for their own. We hope that this article has helped you learn how to delete a page in Mail and a mailbox.