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How to find out the registration date "VKontakte" - details

According to the latest data, social network "VKontakte"enjoys more than 60 million people around the world. This is a convenient platform for communication, establishing business and close relationships, doing business. Now, after 8 years from the date of its foundation, this is the largest network in Russia. And in connection with the already considerable age of the resource, the question often arises: "How can I find out the registration date of VKontakte?"

For what it is necessary to find out the registration date "VKontakte"

how to find out the date of registration vkontakte
First of all, of course, out of curiosity.Many would like to brag of one of the first registered accounts, celebrate the 5th anniversary of "VKontakte" or just argue with friends whose page is older.

Find out the date of registration "VKontakte" sometimesIt is also required for specialists who notice suspicious traffic coming from one of the pages. The cases of creating bots or fakes (non-existent accounts) have become more frequent - pages that are created solely for the purpose of advertising links or sending out viruses. Registration date "VKontakte" helps to identify such accounts: for example, the page was created two days ago, and the number of friends is more than a thousand.

How to find out the date of registration without the help of special programs

date of registration vkontakte
If you want to determine the age of yoursomeone else's account approximately, you can do without special resources. It is enough to study the page carefully. So how do you find out the registration date for VKontakte yourself? You can see the date of the first recording on the wall (if it was not cleared from publications) or spend some time searching for the very first photo, audio or video.

Programs for determining the registration date "VKontakte"

find out the date of registration vkontakte
There are no special programs for such an operation. In addition to determining the registration date, all of the resources listed below offer other useful actions with the account on the social network.

The easiest way is to ask for helpapplication "I VKontakte." How can I find out the registration date of VKontakte using this resource? Very simply: the program gives information on how many days the page exists. By simple subtraction, you can find out the date of its occurrence. The only information requested is the user ID (the number after the slash in the page address).

The second resource, giving information about the date of registration of the account, is specialized sites. The order of actions on them is the same as in the application "I VKontakte".

How to find out the registration date of "VKontakte" exactly andwithout additional mathematical calculations? For this, the author's RexTo service was created. After the introduction of ID, you can immediately get the date of birth of the account you are interested in.

And, of course, there is one more, the most reliableway - see the registration date in the user's profile. True, it is available only to employees of the "VC" when you turn on the advanced interface. We have dealt with the question posed, but there are many others, for solving which you can contact the social network support service, which will always be happy to help.