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Earnings in contextual advertising: basic principles

You probably noticed that on many sitesdevelopers place ad units that contain certain targeted information. Due to these blocks, earnings are made on contextual advertising. There are many such systems, but the most common are Google Adsense, Yandex Direct and Runner.

earnings on contextual advertising
To start earning in this way, you needplace on your site blocks of contextual advertising of the chosen system (the code generated specifically for you). Do it in good places. If a site visitor clicks on an ad in a block, you will be paid a certain amount for this. The cost of a click determines the theme of the website. For showing ads in the most competitive topics, advertisers pay more, which means that you will also earn well.

Thus, sites of contextual advertising systemsare the intermediary between the advertiser and the one who places it. These services are responsible for searching for customers, generating the required code, changing ad text, providing an ad unit, tracking payment and clicking clicks. Earnings on contextual advertising is very convenient and is an excellent option for passive income on the Internet. You require registration in the system, placement of the ad unit code, compliance with the rules of the system.

Contextual advertising on the Internet: what to choose?

contextual advertising on the Internet
Now let's try to figure out which contextual advertising systems are more convenient to earn. This question can not be answered unambiguously, because everywhere its advantages and disadvantages are.

Google Adsense

Very democratic service. Good cost-per-click.It accepts almost all projects designed for people. Simple registration, efficiency, powerful means of tracking income. But there is also a significant minus - it's inconvenient to deduce the earned money. Money is sent in the form of a check, which can be cashed in a commercial bank.

Yandex Direct

CPC is the highest, justregister and withdraw money. Disadvantages - resources are accepted with attendance of 300 people per day, the sites undergo a severe moderation, therefore, earnings on contextual advertising on Yadex Direct are not possible for everyone.


Good value of the click, money is convenient to take off,it's easy to register. The content (content) of the website is subject to high demands, and therefore not all are allowed. If the site has not been moderated, they do not explain the reason for the discrepancy.

Optimization of contextual advertising

Now we will understand, on which the receipt of a decent income depends on showing the context:

a) Traffic (number of visitors for limitedtime interval). According to statistics, out of 100% of visitors only 2-3% click on ads, thereby bringing income to the owner of the site. This indicator is called click-ratio. Thus, the first principle of optimization is: the more traffic, the more clicks and money.

optimization of contextual advertising

b) It's important where you place the ad unit.The best results are placed in the center of the post and at the top of the page. You can place a horizontal block at the end of the text. For greater efficiency, place several different blocks on one page, if contextual advertising systems allow it. It's best to integrate ad units into the menu. Maybe this is not very good in relation to the user of the site, but quite profitable. Hence the following principle - put the context in a good place on the site page.

c) The similarity of subjects.Google Adsense initially conducts analysis of the subject matter of the site and subsequently tries to place the corresponding type of ads. The third principle: thematic matching helps increase the number of impressions.

Let's sum up. Earnings on contextual advertising - quite reliable, proven, and therefore, a real and profitable way to generate income on the Internet.