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All details on how to open the Kiwi wallet

Today we decided to tell you how to openpurse "Kiwi". Active Internet users know that the easiest and most reliable way to make payments is using electronic money. Virtual funds have become an excellent alternative system for the calculation of ordinary cash. However, this approach is useful not only for active users of Internet services, but also for those who make a large number of purchases or payments in a virtual network.

Why do you need to open a Kiwi purse?

how to open a kiwi purse
The main advantage of this system isconvenience of making payments, there is a possibility of transferring between accounts in the service, and a link to another payment account is available, which allows you to withdraw money in this way. Sometimes it is easier to implement this procedure than to arrange the transfer of funds into cash. When you figure out how to open the electronic Kiwi wallet, it will enable you to quickly replenish your mobile account, regardless of your location, and pay utility bills or purchases in online stores. According to surveys, most users choose this system for this. First of all, because it is convenient to use and it is not too difficult to register in it. Before you open the purse "Kiwi", it is worth familiar with its advantages and disadvantages. Use an electronic wallet is safer than entering your bank card details, through which you conduct basic calculations in online stores.

How to open a Kiwi wallet and what are its features?

open the kiwi wallet
Before registering, prepare your passport and phone number.The document is necessary in order to expand the capabilities of your account, then you can make even very large purchases and transfer significant amounts. Ways to open the purse "Kiwi" a few. For one you will need to find a terminal in your city, and for the second you need to have access to the Internet. Also, if you decide to open a Kiwi purse, remember that in order to obtain more extensive rights and opportunities to combine with other payment systems, you must enter the following information: number and series of the passport, personal SNILS (medical policy or TIN certificate). Also it is necessary to indicate your full name, surname and patronymic. It is better to pass this procedure in advance in order for you to have access to more payment instruments, as well as to gain access to other types of purses through the Kiwi. This registration can be done at the office of the company, then the limit will be the most extended and you will be able to store any sums and conduct a full list of operations.

Using the terminal

how to open an account for a kiwi wallet
Now we will look at how to open the Kiwi walletwith the help of special devices installed in different parts of the city. First of all, you will need to find a terminal developed by the representatives of this payment system, or any one that has a QIWI tab. There you need to enter the mobile number, to which the account will be further attached. Find the button "Add money" on the screen. If a user has not been registered on the entered mobile number previously, then the window for continuing the operation will appear. You will need to confirm the registration and wait on your phone for a short message, in which the password will come from your wallet. After that you can start using and launch your account in the terminal, for which you will need to enter the received data in the fields. Further you can replenish the account and address to it.

Through the Internet

First of all you need to find an officialsite Qiwi. You can do this by searching in any browser. The registration form is located on the main page. In this questionnaire, you must specify your mobile number and the characters you see in the picture. Also, before opening an account for Kiwi (wallet), you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of its use and after reading put a marker indicating your consent. Then come up with a password. On the phone you used, within minutes, you will receive a message with the code that you need to complete the registration. You will receive another secret combination in case you forget the password from your wallet. This data is best stored in your notebook, mobile or in a file on your PC.

On your mobile device

how to open an electronic kiwi purse
Some time ago, the creators of this paymentsystems have launched a service that is an application for your smartphone or tablet. Thus, the wallet will be at your fingertips, even if you are far from a PC or terminal. To do this, you only need to configure your device's connection to the Internet. In the application, you need to enter your data, and then you will have access to the wallet, in which you can use all the functions available through a regular computer or terminal. To start using a virtual account on your device, you need to download the program. Detailed instructions for installing the application on different types of devices are on the official website. It is worth noting that these tools are designed for more gadgets, regardless of which OS they are running on.