/ / Riley - what does it mean? How to understand and use?

Riley - what does it mean? How to understand and use?

Recently, the Internet slang began to make its wayeven in a live communication of people, and some interlocutors (mostly young people) may prefer not to say "thank you" or at least "thank you", but simply pronounce three consonant letters "CPS". Or, for example, many people are wondering what "rili" means in VC?

The appearance of computer slang

The age in which we live can be characterizedas a computer, because no one can imagine their daily routine without things like sleep, food and social gatherings in your favorite social network. The most regrettable thing that makes you sad is that slang, the manner of speech, jokes and everything else people begin to draw from social networks. As an example, the word "tralling" (malicious banter over someone), which due to its regular use has even been added to the official English dictionary, as a neologism. There are a lot of such words, for example, the word "rili". What does this neologism mean?

Riley, what do you mean?

"Riley" - what does it mean?

for many this new word remains a mystery.Riley ... What does this word mean while using it somewhere in the social network? For the connoisseurs of English it will be very easy to explain the meaning of this word, it's just borrowed from English "really" - that's how it is written in the language of Great Britain, the US and many other countries. Its meaning is very simple, and sometimes it becomes unclear why it was necessary to replace the truly Russian words with this Anglicism.

What does rili in VK
In translation from English "really" -"really", or "really" on youth slang. It is often used in the context to exaggerate something. For example, when commenting on a photo of a girl, the guys write: "Riley is beautiful," and this can also mean "very".

But it is better to communicate normal, Russianlanguage, since the abundance of slang in the language does not color a person. The same word "rili" - what it means, where it is used - seems to have become understandable, but it is much more prestigious to use the word "really", here it adds color to speech!