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Anna Somna - girl-blogger with an unusual appearance

Anna Somna is a video blogger from Russia.Its main feature is an unusual appearance, which emphasizes its belonging to the underground culture. Someone likes it, but someone, on the contrary, believes that this way the girl spoiled her beauty. Well, let's try to find out which of them is right?

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Anna Somna: biography and interesting facts

Unfortunately, very little reliable is availableinformation about this video blog. However, Anna Somna has pages in such social networks as "VKontakte" and Facebook. This allows all registered users to view data about it.

According to them, the girl was born on May 5, 1995.She has more than 23 thousand subscribers and only 50 people are identified as friends. This suggests that Anna Somna shares her public life with her personal. In other respects the biography of the girl is a complete mystery: in it there is not the slightest hint of a native city, education or social status.

As a video blogger

Such secrecy becomes quite understandable,when you go on the video blog of Anna on "Youtube". Since January 2013, it has managed to collect about 95 thousand subscribers. This means that thousands of fans hunt for her person, who will gladly give their last shirt, just to see their idol. However, what did Anna Somna deserve such popularity?

Well, among its competitors in video bloggingit differs primarily in its appearance. Anna is a typical representative of modern underground culture. Her whole body is covered with lots of piercings, and tunnels are punched in her ears. No less extravagant are the girl's hair braided in a large number of dreadlocks. True, Anna Somna recently had a haircut, changing her long hairstyle to a patronistic style.

Before her public, she often appears with a temporary tattoo. But he prefers to keep silent about real tattoos.

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Videoblog Content

All videos on Anna Somna's channel can be divided intothree large categories: about myself, make-up and gazebo. In the first case, she simply takes off her surroundings, the house, the street and the situations in which she finds herself and believes that they will be interesting to her viewers.

Where more material is devoted to appearance.This is her main feature, as many subscribers want to understand the style of a real goth or emo. Besides Anna Somna with great pleasure tells about how to properly lay dreadlocks, how to dye hair, do piercing and so on.

As for the conversations, here the video blogger oftenanswers the questions of his fans. Sometimes it comes to philosophical reflection on the meaning of being, life values ​​and, of course, love. And all this is quite popular with the public, which confirms the large number of views of her videos.