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How to use e-mail: instructions for beginners

how to use e-mail
People in the modern world more and more timespend on the Internet - look for and find work, read news, communicate in social networks, learn the weather, buy, sell, earn money, save, get acquainted, watch films, listen to music, and often just sit back. Today it is difficult to find a person who does not know what the search system is, online mode, ICQ, blogs, how to use e-mail. But these are still available, and this text is intended for them.

In the usual sense, mail is the exchange of lettersand parcels. So far, the power of human thought has not reached the level to send e-mails through e-mail, but, perhaps, this will happen in the near future. Despite this, e-mail has many advantages.

1.In an e-mail, you can send not only messages in the form of text, but also attach files: tables, photos, pictures, videos, presentations, and so on to the letter. Letters can be deleted, sent to other people, stored, filtered.

2. E-mail allows you to deliver correspondence (information) instantly, saving a lot of time and effort.

3. No need to go to the post office, because you can use e-mail without leaving your home, with the Internet and a computer.

create a mail in google
4. Economy - there is no need to pay for each letter, regardless of the amount of information in it. It is enough that the Internet delivery service is paid in time to the provider.

5. Efficiency - check the mail and reply to the letter you can even from a mobile phone with access to the Internet.

So, let's answer the question: "How to use e-mail"?

First you need to go to the site of a certain search engine or mail system, for example, "Yandex", "Google", "Rambler", "Mail.ru" and so on.

Let's try, for example, to create a mail on Google.At the top of the site you should find and click "Mail", a new window will appear to enter the mail and your account. As long as you do not have mail in Google, press the red button in the upper right corner - "Create account". Further personal data are filled in - name, surname, user name, password, gender, date of birth, mobile phone, address of emergency mail. You create the user name yourself, it must be unique (if there is already a user with such a login, the system will warn you and ask for a different name), consist of Latin letters, the length of the name is from 6 to 30 characters. Keep in mind that if you are going to conduct business correspondence via e-mail, then you should come up with and choose more reserved logins.

Then you need to enter the password for the mail.It should be reliable enough, preferably, it should contain uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers, length - at least 8 characters. Enter the password again to confirm it.

register mail
Date of birth on this site must be specified,to have access to the materials according to your age. The fact is that a Google account allows you to access services such as Gmail (mail), YouTube (video portal), and Google+ (social network). You can set up an account so that your age is not seen.

Sex, as well as the mobile phone number is filled in at the discretion of the user.

To register mail, onlyprove that you are a real person (and not a robot), and enter the indicated Latin letters on the keyboard. If the characters are difficult to read, you can click on the "Audio" sign, the system will dictate them to you. If there is no desire to do this, indicate the mobile phone number. On your phone in the form of SMS will come the confirmation code, you will need to enter it in the "Confirm account" field.

how to use e-mail
So, you have your email inbox,you can send and receive emails. How to write a letter? We find the button "Write letter", in the appeared window in the field "To" we write the address of the recipient. If you want someone else to get a copy of the letter, you must enter one more email address in the "Cc" field. The "Subject" field can be left blank, but if you specify the subject and essence of the letter, the recipient will be more convenient. In the letter, you can write text, format it, click the "Attach" button or the "Clip" icon, attach files, insert links, photos, pictures, save the draft letter. Before clicking the "send" button, you can check the spelling. If you want to know exactly, received and read the addressee, tick the "Notify me about reading" box.

Read the received letters is easier - just needclick on a new letter (it is usually in bold). If you do not wish to receive any more letters from any author, you can mark one of them as spam. Then all emails from this address will be automatically sent to the Spam folder. So, now you have an idea of ​​how to use e-mail, you can correspond with business partners and friends, register in social networks, make purchases through the Internet and much, much more.