/ / Internet-shop sphered.ru: reviews, review of the site. Caution: scammers!

Internet-shop sphered.ru: reviews, review of the site. Caution: scammers!

Online stores have firmly taken their place in the trade. Many are actively engaged in virtual shopping. This significantly reduces the spent effort and time to find and purchase the necessary goods.

An important role when buying in a webshopplay customer testimonials. They give an impression of the quality of the seller. It also depends on them whether other potential buyers will want to purchase any product.

sphered ru reviews

We will consider the activity of the virtual store sphered.ru. Customer feedback, an overview of the site's activities and much more you will find in this article.

Online Store Overview

As a rule, many sellers spread about themselvesinformation in the headings "about us", "about the company", etc. However, on this site only information is posted about where their office is located or the outlet in Moscow and Khimki. However, the information is not quite complete. The site does not specify the name of the organization, how long is the trade, where the goods are bought and stored. Also on the site sphered.ru customer reviews are absent. However, at the bottom of the page, information on fresh purchases in this store is constantly updated. So, as if through this service people very often make purchases. All this leads to suspicion that you should not trust this online store.

Product categories

The store positions itself as a seller of household goodsequipment and accessories to it. Among the products offered is a large selection of gas and electric cookers, washing machines and refrigerators. Also offered are drying and dishwashers, freezers and so on.

online store sphered ru reviews

In addition to household appliances, it is proposedclimatic and built-in. Presented are kitchen electrical appliances, such as microwave ovens, aerogrills, coffee machines, yogurt mills, food processors, multivarks and much more. The assortment is big.

Also visitors to the online store will find here home appliances: irons, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on.

Despite the wide range ofThere are no product reviews on sphered.ru. Visitors, potential buyers are offered only a description of the goods, cost. It is worth noting that all that is exhibited, is available, according to the seller. Usually in web shops some products write that the products are temporarily out or out. This state of affairs is also not credible.

Prices, promotions in the online store

Cost of offered goodscompetitive. Maybe that's why the stock is not held in the store. These prices can easily entice gullible buyers. However, before you order anything on http://sphered.ru, reviews about the site are worth reading. After all, not all online stores should be trusted, especially unknown.

Sphered.ru: customer reviews

As we have already noted, on many points the sitecaused suspicion. The name of the company was not specified, as the online store sphered.ru works for a long time, there are no customer references. In addition, suspicion of information about new purchases through this site. It shows that the goods are purchased often enough.

Also cause suspicion of price. They are underestimated by today's standards. It is the value of goods that the seller can lure credulous buyers.

http sphered ru reviews

The range of products offered, which is always available, also does not inspire confidence.

It is worth noting that the site is registered only in 2015, its server is located in the US or Germany.

If you consider customer feedback, thenthere are no positive ones among them. Deceived customers report that this online store belongs to scammers, and they never got their ordered and paid goods.

You can meet and very expressive feedback, inwhich users are quite rude about this resource. However, all, as one, note that those who ordered the goods here, you should not wait for either your purchase, or a refund.

Dissatisfied customers unite and create petitions to close fraudulent web shops, among which is the site we are considering.