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How to promote a blog? Advice and methods

The younger generation increasingly sees its ownthe future in the infosphere, and therefore asks about how to promote the blog. The essence is simple: you need to spread what is popular. This is discussed in more detail in the article.

General principles

Even in the time of Ancient Rome, the popularity formula was derived: "Bread and circuses!". If the bread is not exactly fed by bloggers, then with the spectacles in the information environment everything is in order.

That is why in modern society, in order to promote a personal blog, you should first of all draw attention to yourself. The simplest way is scandalous fame.

Unfortunately, we do not need to go far beyond examples -this sensational scandal with Kirill Tereshin, who pumped his hands with synthol. In the video blog guy gets a frenzied number of views. At the same time, he sends greetings. And whenever the interest in his person subsides, he makes another stuffing to attract attention.

He pumped out the synthol from his hands and inserted implants,after that he changed his face and made a live broadcast with a statement that he wants to make himself look like an alien. This is by no means the only example of attracting attention due to a change in appearance.

Why is popularity growing? The answer is simple - due to the number of citations and references to the content that a certain person generates.

Why is this generally done?

It should be understood that, in fact, any blogger is either a seller of something (if there is any product of his own), or someone's agent (not in the literal sense of the word).

Create a blog and promote it a little.After all, this business should bring a certain income. With the number of visitors more than 500 people a day, various agencies offer cooperation and willingly deduct funds for both the availability of advertising on the resource, and for referring to the advertiser's website.

The case where the blogger is an "agent"some online store, it just falls under the situation when the sale of links to the target audience, attracted to the resource of a particular person.

Another thing is when the store is own and the promotion of its own products is carried out, but the above case occurs much more often.

how to promote a blog


And now many thematic Internet communities gladly share their knowledge on how to promote a blog in LiveJournal or any other resource.

This happens by tracking incoming traffic to the page. That is monitoring of keywords on which the visitor enters the blog. There are two options:

  1. Independently predict the number of visits with increasing frequency of references to "keys".
  2. "Borrow" statistics from bloggers-competitors.

Alas, the second way is the most effective and productive. Keywords, in turn, are of three types:

  1. High frequency (HF) - the density of mentioning words in analyzing the statistics of the blog is very high.
  2. Mid-frequency (MF) - respectively, there are fewer than queries with the highest citation rate.
  3. Low-frequency (LF) - here and so it is understandable, these phrases are mentioned least often.

This is a set of words, at the mention of which the search enginethe system issues a particular page as a result of the query. Large companies, spinning their resources, resort just to HF, as they have the appropriate financial components to achieve this goal.

Bloggers prefer MF and LF because of small competition. Yet with large corporations it's difficult to compete on HF.

Aliona hilt how to promote a blog


One of the oldest resources for blogging -it's LiveJournal, or LJ, as it's often called. Many modern bloggers started with rewriting other people's articles "for themselves," but this has long gone and now resort to the above methods.

Scheme promotion is a great variety. Every second willingly shares his strategy with subscribers. One of them looks like this:

  1. The article is printed in a normal editor likeMicrosoft Word, pre-inserted key phrases are inserted, the text is formatted and brought to its logical conclusion. Then the content is checked in any blog editor, images are inserted and (if necessary) re-formatted.
  2. The post is published in the LiveJournal and is added to thesocial bookmarks (usually done with the help of Sapient social submitter), is announced on a large information resource (like Subscribe) and in any blogger environment.
  3. With the help of the program Send2Blog, the announcement is posted to blogs in LiveJournal, as well as to social networks. Extremely useful tool, supporting about 11 "sotsialok."
  4. Next, insert a link to the page forcollection of statistical data. For example, Liveinternet calls this function "add a slice", which specifies the address of the blog, as well as restrictions on incoming traffic (if any).
  5. In a month, you can collect the first fruits and analyze the keywords, according to which most visitors came to the page of the blog.
  6. The most colorful, convenient and understandable phrasesweed out the senseless. Now you should invest in the promotion of this "clues". You need to order on some relevant resource a couple of articles, in which the already selected phrases will be mentioned. For examples, you do not have to go far, copywriting exchanges are missing.
  7. Another way how to promote a personal blog -it is to use projects to increase the number of external links to the page. Resources like GogetLinks help to create SEO-projects, in which participants receive payment for placing links on all sorts of forums.

These are the principles of promotion and promotion.It remains only to correctly plan and calculate everything, and not forget to publish really useful and interesting material that will be popular among the target audience. Quality content - one of the answers to the question about how to promote a blog in LiveJournal.

how to promote a blog in a telegram


A completely new system launched by the founder of the social network "Vkontakte" Pavel Durov. Pages in the "cart" are called channels and are divided (of course unofficially) into the following categories:

Authoring - blogs with unique content thatis presented to the subscribers' audience solely from the point of view of the owner. This can be unique reviews of movies, TV shows, books, products or music. The main thing here is a unique view of things.

Links - something like crossroads blogs, where links to interesting articles or other channels with small announcements are published, and the reader already chooses what he likes.

Thematic - here posts are published narroworientation, which, as a rule, becomes understandable based on the name of the blog. Accordingly, the audience is attracted only from those readers who may be interested in the topic: sports, games, music or cinema. The direction of development is great.

Channels of entertainment character - all kinds ofblogs with the translation of films and the passing of games. It does not represent something particularly original, for those are full in any social network, they gradually begin to emerge in the "Telegrams". How to promote a blog in a similar way, will be described below, but it is worth noting that the audience of such channels is not particularly serious. Therefore, the key to success will be really high-quality content that can attract the subscriber's attention for a long time.

"Muti" - channels of illegal content. Alas, and such are available. An honest person (both a blogger and a reader) has nothing to do in this infosphere. Promotion of such a resource will lead to nothing good.

How useful is Telegram

Before you tell how quickly to promote a blog in the "Telegram", you should explain why the smooth "transfusion" of content from different social networks with popular public services is gaining momentum.

It's all about the so-called smart tape, because ofwhich publishers do not see some posts (unless the administrator pays for advertising). So now a business model of social networks is built.

In the "cart" there are no smart tapes, therefore any post,published on the channel, be sure to see subscribers. And does not play a special role, what kind of article: entertainment, advertising or information.

It is only necessary to dial the corresponding messageor dictate it in the audio recording mode and send it, the subscriber will see it as soon as he takes the phone and enters the channel. The advantages of the new messenger are obvious.

how to promote your blog on wordpress

Principles of promotion

If there is already an untwisted public in anyanother social network, then smoothly transfer content and subscribers to Telegram will not be difficult. After all, there is already a contingent, the target audience and the main topics. It is enough just to inform that the community is gradually "moving" to the messenger, and that part of the content is now being published in the "cart". So you can promote the blog for free.

If you have to start from scratch, you shouldto resort to the help of catalogs or exchanges in order to "scrape together" the first hundred subscribers. Or just add to the channel all contacts from the phone book on your mobile device.

And then you can promote the blog free of chargeonly by the method of mutual PR. That is, to negotiate with the administrator of another channel about the placement of advertising, instead, it is located in your own blog. Or, to resort to "Donat" methods and buy advertising.

Immediately to these methods should not go, because it is unlikelyif someone agrees on a mutual relationship with a small number of readers. You can, of course, act as a method of viral advertising and just throw a link to the community in the comments of various social networks. But it looks stupid and will result in blocking access to the public. So the method, frankly, at once.

profitable blog create and promote earn pdf

10 steps to success

To create a channel, you need to determine theimportant - what content to carry to the masses. Whether it's a channel with news from the world of cinema and music or politics and economics, it does not matter. The main thing is that the information should be served tastefully, and the reader is always interested.

What to do:

  1. Of course, decide on the topic. As they say, every beginning is always difficult, because many people take the first step not easily.
  2. Create a channel. This is not so difficult, but if there are difficulties, use the help of any search engine.
  3. Come up with a name. Alas, and here problems are possible. After all, how to baptize a boat, so it will float. If there are difficulties with the choice of the name, it is better to write down on the sheet of paper everything that comes to your mind and choose the most attractive option.
  4. Description of the blog. This is necessary for the reader to understand the main topic of the channel and not hesitate between the idea of ​​subscribing or flicking on. Be sure to indicate your nickname so that a potential advertiser can contact the business offer.
  5. Install avatar. The word itself translates as "incarnation", is a picture that reflects the essence of the channel. This should be simple and minimalistic, and also conform to the laws of composition (symmetry and the absence of congestion).
  6. Filling. This is the most interesting part - the first published posts, which are designed to attract subscribers to the channel.
  7. Inviting friends. For this you need to know a few nuances. You should not use the massive invitation of all contacts from the phone book: firstly, Telegram has a limit of 200 people, and secondly, someone should click on the "this spam" button and the messenger will forbid you to write messages to "PM" how to promote a blog, will have to forget. In this case it is necessary to be more careful - to write to each individual message with the request to get acquainted with the content and (if interested) to subscribe and call friends.
  8. To call strangers. Above, we described ways how to entice people to the channel: viral advertising, announcements in other networks and news resources.
  9. Catalogs. This is the name of all kinds of resources, where publishers of lists and channels are often published, which may seem interesting. The payment for such a thing can be either money or counter PR. There are directories where it can be done and free of charge.
  10. The mutual. This is an effective way to attract participants to the channel. It is recommended to search for blogs with the same number of subscribers and similar topics. Then the probability of successful interaction will be higher.

After these 10 steps are completed, theto please the participants with good content and to think further how to promote the blog. Ways and methods can be different: surveys, competitions with awards, rubrics, broadcasts and much more. All that's enough for fantasy.

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This platform is nothing fundamentally newis different. On how to promote your blog to WordPress, also written a lot of guides on all sorts of thematic resources. The main postulates are as follows:

  • Similarly, as in the case of LJ, a post is published and statistics are monitored using analytical resources such as Liveinternet.
  • Use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin to create a "site map" to improve the indexing of the blog by search engines.
  • Make sure that 404 error looks stylized, in accordance with the general design and contains links to other pages of the site.
  • Buttons, able to share the announcement of the article insotssetah, actively contribute to the solution of the problem of how to promote the blog to Wordpress. You can use the UpToLike or Pluso plug-ins. Above described the way "drag and drop" content and subscribers in Telegram. Here the essence is the same: an announcement is made in the social network with a link to the site.
  • Create a semantic kernel. This is a set of keywords, which were discussed above. With the help of these phrases, the search engines will issue exactly this blog. On how to monitor the increase in quoting "keys", it is already said: links are bought, advertising campaigns are ordered and announcements are made on news aggregators like Subscribe.
  • Keep an eye on the attractiveness of the blog. By this means very much: both the absence of broken links, and the colorful appearance and novelty of the material. The All in One SEO Pack plugin will be useful, allowing you to set the title and description of the article.

An important point is also the interaction withreaders. It is this act that allows you to capture the general mood of subscribers and contributes to the further development and increase of the payback of the idea itself.

This is the key to success. And it does not matter in which social network the project is implemented. Active interaction with the participants makes it possible to understand what the subscribers want: "bread" or "shows". It is impossible to understand how to promote a blog on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook or Vkontakte, if you do not know how to attract the interest of those people, thanks to the number of which advertisers pay attention to the community.

Useful literature

As mentioned above, there are manyresources, where experienced bloggers share valuable advice on the promotion of their projects. All sorts of cunning tricks, lifhaki and examples of plug-ins that allow you to follow the citation index (TIC) and a lot of other ways, how to bring out a personal public into the "top".

These are easy to find with the help of search engines oradvertising links that the author attached to his blog: "how I untwisted the bulletin board" or "take off from Google in the top 1", the names can be very different.

In addition to articles, there are also printed publications:

  • Grokhovsky L., "Guide to internal factors" - a book for beginners in the field of SEO. It will be an excellent tool to help start young bloggers from scratch, who, in general, have little idea how the process of promotion from the inside looks.
  • Babaev A., "Contextual advertising" - irreplaceable reading about the ways of monetizing Internet resources and working with teasers.
  • Aliona Hilt, "How to unleash a blog in Instagram"practical advice from an experienced and successful blogger on the promotion of the resource in the social network Instagram. A lot of usefulness, lifhak and examples from the personal experience of the author.
  • Evgeny Litvin, "Profitable blog: create and untwist "- PDF, DJVU, DOC and other formats in which such publications can be presented, will bring with them professional blogging experience that can not be overemphasized. After all, a really effective formula for success can only be shared by a successful person.
how to promote a blog in LJ


Summarizing, it should be noted that the idea itselfthe maintenance of personal blogs originally appeared as a hobby. And only then, over time, transformed into the current way of Internet earnings for young people.

In Aliona Hilt's book "How to promote a blog inInstagram "the correct statement is given: the main thing is to receive true pleasure from activity. That is, blogging should remain a hobby that brings its own income.

And the path to success depends on the desiredevelop in this area and do not stop there. And it does not matter where the page is: any social network has its own nuances, but the basic principles of development are the same everywhere - "Vkontakte" requires interesting and informative material, YouTube - in addition to the attractive appearance of the presenter, requires the skills in video editing.

In all cases, charisma, artistry, a sense of rhythm and the ability to "tasty" to submit material always lead to success. You just need to try.