/ / The site "Vkontakte". How to report a group and a user's page?

The site "Vkontakte". How to report a group and a user's page?

VKontakte how to report a group
With the increasing popularity of social networksthe number of dissatisfaction with them is also growing. It can be caused by various factors: publication of personal information without the owner's knowledge, public insults, inciting ethnic hatred and so on. The famous site Vkontakte was no exception. Every day on its expanses, many groups and pages are created, which somehow violate human rights. Users have a question about how to complain to the "Vkontakte" page. We will consider it in this article.

Group Complaint

By the decision of this problem there is not as suchinstructions on the site "Vkontakte". How to complain about the group in this case? If you find a violation of the rights of one of them, then you need to perform simple actions. Below is a step-by-step instruction, which we will call "Vkontakte": how to complain about the group ":

  1. We go to the site Vk.com.
  2. how to report a Vkontakte page
    At the very bottom of the main page there is a horizontal menu. Select the "Help" link.
  3. Before you open the automatic help.We do not need it, as the administration of the site did not prepare for this case. To skip it and go to the page where you can write a complaint, we need to enter any combination of letters in the search field of the help. Then the button "None of these options is suitable" appears. Push it.
  4. Before you will receive information about the approximate time for waiting for a response, select the "Ask a Question" button.
  5. After that, a window opens for writingtechnical support messages. In the first line, you need to write the topic of the appeal (for example, a complaint about the "Name" group), and in the second line it is necessary to describe in detail the essence of your complaint. Also you need to attach a screenshot (a screenshot) with an offensive, in your opinion, content or saying. The most important thing when writing a message is the clarity and clarity of the presentation. You have the right to request the closure of the group from the site administration if its owners refuse to remove the material. We send the message with the attached file.
  6. We are waiting for a response from technical support on our issue.

Report this page as a contact
On a note:if the material placed in the group does in fact somehow violate human rights, compromises and is illegal, then if you refuse to take appropriate measures by the administration of the site, you are entitled to apply to the court.

Complaint about user's page

Now you know about that (by visiting the site"Vkontakte"), how to complain about the group. And when the offender is a specific user? Complain on the page "In contact" is much easier than on the group. What needs to be done? Here is the algorithm of actions:

  1. We go to the user's page, which, in our opinion, makes spam mailings, insults, advertises or distributes pornography.
  2. In the user menu, select the "Report this page" link.
  3. Before us there is a window in which it is necessary to indicate why you are unhappy with this page (4 points are suggested, choose the one you want) and write a clarifying comment.
  4. If you want, you can immediately send this "foe" to the black list in this window.
  5. Push the "Send" button. Done! The complaint has been sent.

In this article, we talked about the popular problem on the site "Vkontakte". How to report a group? Now you know the answer to this question.