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Bootstrap modal window: purpose and application

What is the Bootstrap modal window and what is it for?is necessary? What are its components, features, advantages and disadvantages? The concept of "modal window" is used in the graphical interface. Often with his help you can draw attention to some important event. Modal windows are used to enter some information, data, change settings. They block the user's workflow until the problem or action is completed. Windows are also used for developing web pages.

modal bootstrap window

What is it

Easily customizable and adaptive design, that's whatoffers a popular to date Bootstrap. A modal window, the form of which can be used to create websites, helps to display images, videos and other elements. A pop-up window consists of distinguishable parts of the load: header, body and footer. Each of these elements has its own meaning. The main task of the modal window Bootstrap - the use of beginning designers to create web pages without writing additional codes. The modal window is a kind of container in which the written content is displayed. With the help of the modal component, a large number of goals are solved.

closing the modal bootstrap window

How to make?

Creating and modifying a modal windowis performed using the JavaScript, data, and css methods. First you need to make the markup. It consists of a skeleton, a header, a main content and a basement. Obligatory elements here are the basement (block) and the frame. After the markup, you need to go to implement the call to the modal window. Often, it is called after the web page is loaded and the corresponding button is clicked. The call is made using data and JavaScript. Closing the modal window Bootstrap completes the previously created and saved tasks.

Remember that the modal window has its ownfeatures. To open several modal windows, you need to write additional code. The html code is best positioned at the top of the document, after the body tag. This helps to preserve the functions and appearance of the window. On mobile devices, there are caveats that apply to the use of the modal window component. They limit its full use. Bootstrap 3 allows you to adjust the size of the window, as well as use grids.

bootstrap 3 modal window


Before you start working with Bootstrap,it is necessary to understand what it consists of. The program includes a set of ready-made tools that are used to create sites. Ready-made JavaScript, CSS and HTML styles build an adaptive grid, display buttons, menus, icons, hints and more. Basic software styles are required for layout. The presence of styles for printing and text allows you to prepare a browser for printing a page and make the design of the text content of the site. Using the Bootstrap components, you can create forms, buttons, and other elements. The program has a full set of tools that quickly and conveniently make pages for mobile devices. Bootstrap consists of many other details, as well as JavaScript. It's easy enough to master them even for a beginner. In theory, to understand the basics of the program "Bustrap" is not easy enough. In practice, this development simplifies the work of the designer and layout designer due to the availability of many ready-made components.

bootstrap modal form window


The modal Bootstrap window has specialadvantages. With its help the development of page layouts for sites is at high speed. The window includes a large set of elements and ready-made solutions. Thanks Bootstrap increases the adaptability of the site. The framework (software) is suitable for all browsers and is correctly displayed in them. This modal window is easy to use. Bootstrap allows you to create web pages even for beginners who have basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.

The peculiarity of the modal window is thatusers can easily adapt to it. Many examples of ready-made code and excellent documentation affect the rapid development of Bootstrap. About its quality can be the essence of the vast selection of themes for registration. With this modal window, Wordpress, CMS, Joomla were developed. Bootstrap is a web framework that contains the necessary components and is provided with its own iconic font. It includes more than two hundred icons, including basic ones.


The modal Bootstrap window has its drawbacks.

  • Sites that use it lose their individual style. They cease to be unique, because they are similar and similar in appearance and structure.
  • Lack of flexibility; often you need to create your own styles and perform unnecessary actions.
  • Changing the loaded code can lead to hours of work.
  • Often users use Bootstrap components for other purposes.

Use this tool also for the front-enddevelopments. Despite the shortcomings that will be obvious to the users of the framework, the layout using Bootstrap is an excellent solution for web developers. It allows you to create a simple and intuitive interface in a short time and without much effort.

bootstrap open modal window

Responsive design

One of the most popular frameworks that allowsdesigner to create high-quality websites and applications without wasting time and effort - this is Bootstrap 3. The modal window provides the user with a basic set of tools for free. Using it you can use JavaScript, CSS, html. This software was created by Twitter, and it has a number of features and advantages. The framework was created for mobile devices, so its grid is designed for small screens. Today Bootstrap 3 is also used for large-format devices. The program has only one responsive grid system, which has been expanded by manufacturers.

Included in the framework are fonts.They are used as icons. In this program, designers are dealing with vector fonts and pictures, which you can change at your discretion. Features of Bootstrap 3 is that it does not support older browsers. The concept of responsive design is simple: the site itself adapts itself to the screen size, regardless of which device the user came from. The development of responsive design requires special knowledge and skills of a specialist.

Working with Bootstrap

Before you start acquaintance with Bootstrap,download it in free access. After downloading and subsequent unpacking, the user will receive three folders that contain styles, scripts and iconic fonts. All this is Bootstrap. You can open a modal window after creating a folder with the name of the framework. In it, you need to create an empty "ndex.html" file. In the downloaded software, select the entire folder "fonts" and the style "bookstrap.css" from the corresponding folder. Do not forget also about the script "bootstrap.js". Create an existing folder with the same name as "css", put "bootstrap.min.css" in it. Make another "css" with an empty "style.css" file. It will be required to add your own styles.

When everything is needed, further workwill be maintained only with "ndex.html". If you do not want to write the codes manually, refer to the finished html-skeleton of the document. Copy and paste the code into a file. In the created skeleton styles, a library and a script will be connected. Before the body tag, do not forget to attach the "jQuery" library, and then the "js" script.

multiple modal bootstrap windows


The Bootstrap modal window is used whencreating a classic site layout. It consists of a cap, a main part, a side column and a basement. In order for everything to be displayed correctly, it is necessary to calculate the width of each element in percent with individual wrap. The basement and the site header should be 100% wide, the main part and side columns may be smaller.

Bootstrap is needed just in order toset the blocks to the required width. The grid functions by using a table that has columns and rows. A grid can be made inside another grid an unlimited number of times. If parts of the site are made with it, there is no need to write adaptive queries yourself. In addition to the grid, the modal window contains many additional components (menus, tables, tabs, hints).

bootstrap modal window does not work


Sometimes a few modal Bootstrap windows,Open at the same time, can lead to an error. This is possible if Windows is not able to correctly load a file such as html. The presence of an error indicates that the file has been corrupted by malicious software or a virus. Most of the errors associated with the Bootstrap file occur during the loading of programs, a computer, or after performing any actions. The most common ones are those associated with the modal window: "Error in file", "Missing file", "Not found", "Failed to load", "Failed to register", "Failed to execute and load". They can appear when the user installs the program or is already running, as well as when the computer is turned on and off. It is important to carefully monitor the occurrence of errors, as this helps to correctly eliminate the cause of their occurrence in Bootstrap. The modal window does not work sometimes because of an invalid call, which does not depend on internal errors.