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Answers to the question of how to create email

A mail box on the Internet resembles an ordinary mail box, into which correspondence comes.

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A distinctive feature is the functioninstant delivery of messages and files, as well as an electronic version of writing letters. Service transfer of information from one user to another implies the existence of an account on one of the web resources and the ability to access the Internet. To use this service, you need to create an email. You can install programs on your computer that allow you to view correspondence without storing the Internet browser, store and process messages. The advantages of e-mail are also in the convenience of image transmission. So, digital photos can be transferred to a computer and immediately sent to their addressee, without waiting for a printout and not relying on the timeliness of delivery by the usual postal service. The user of the electronic box, to which the files will be sent, will receive images immediately.

how to create email
How to create email

The box can be registered on any site,which provides such an opportunity. First you need to open the site and go to the mail section. The following web resources can create free e-mail: Mail, Google, Yandex, Rambler, Qip and others. New users will easily find the "Register" icon. In the form that opens, you must fill in all the fields. Before creating e-mail, think about the name of the box, as well as the key to it. The name will be your Internet address, to which users will send letters from their computer. It is necessary that the e-mail (electronic address) is well remembered. The key to the mail, or rather, the password to the account, must be complex, otherwise it will be easy to crack and gain access to your information. For added security, as well as in case you forget the password, the email services ask you to link the account to your personal mobile phone number.

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The question of how to create e-mail,it is now necessary to learn how to use it. To verify the existence of the box, open the site again and enter your mail. The web property interface allows you to configure the e-mail box depending on your preferences.

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You can change the design, formatting optionsmessages, as well as create signatures. For convenience in working with letters, you can sort them by creating the necessary folders. To write a letter, you need to know the address to which to send it. When you click on the "Write" button, a form will open in which you need to fill out the lines "To", "Theme" and write the text. The form also has a format string and the "Attach file" icon. After completing all the necessary actions, click "Send". If everything is done correctly, the letter will appear in the sent messages section. To understand all the items in your e-mail box, you need to use all the functions of the service. Now you know not only how to create e-mail, but also how to use it.