/ How to post videos to Youtube. Instructions for action

How to upload a video to Youtube. Instructions for action

One of the most popular sites of the whole networkThe Internet, of course, is YouTube. Much of the video on YouTube is gaining hundreds, millions of views. Indeed, there are a lot of videos on which you can laugh. In addition, video blogs have recently gained popularity. Themes are very different: from cosmetics to books. In general, this site - a great place where you can show yourself, find like-minded people, become famous. But how do you put a video on Youtube for a beginner? About this and not only in the article.

how to post videos on YouTube

How to post a video to Youtube

In fact, there is absolutely nothing in itcomplicated. However, first you will not only have to shoot the video that you will "fill" the site, but also go through all the stages of registration in the Google system, because you will not be able to upload the video to YouTube in any other way - you need to have your account.

Instructions for action:

  • Sign in to YouTube
  • In the corner on the right above you will see a "Login" tie. Click on it;
  • you will be prompted to enter your login and password, but in view of the fact that you do not have one yet, click on the "Create an account" sign in the upper right corner;
  • Next comes the usual stage - filling allnecessary graph for successful registration. In the fields "Name" and "Last Name" does not necessarily write your real data, if you do not want it. The user name is better to come up with an original, memorable one. Especially it will be useful for those who want to become an active user, and wants to be recognized by nickname;
  • Do not forget to accept the "Terms of Agreement" and enter the captcha.

Done!Now you are a full user of not only this portal (thanks to what you can add a video to Youtube), but also the entire Google service. On the page that opens, you will be asked to select a photo. This procedure is not mandatory, you can just click "Next".

video on YouTube
On the new page, the administration will congratulate you, anda little lower will return "Back to YouTube service", which should be done. You will be asked to subscribe to some popular channels or something else. The action, again, is voluntary. Click "Continue".

Now in the upper right corner of your name,and next to the search bar - cherished words "Add video." Click on them. Agree with the proposal to create a new channel. This is not exactly the same as the account. The user can be without a channel, but here in order to upload video to Youtube, it is necessary. Those of people who like your videos will be able to subscribe. This will allow them to learn that you have uploaded new videos, and to watch them in time. Roughly speaking, creating a channel is limited only by the fact that you agree to this. The rest will be made by the system.

add video to YouTube

Now you can go directly to the questionon how to upload a video to Youtube. On the screen there is an inscription "Select files to download", and above it - a large arrow. Click on it. Specify the path (select the required file). Everything, the video is being downloaded! This may take some time, which is better spent on the original title and description, and also specify tags and choose one of the three suggested video icons. Click on the one you want to see as a preview.

We hope that now you can easily upload videos to Youtube!