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The film "Vysotka": reviews of the audience

The drama "Vysotka" is the next adaptationThe works of James Graham Ballard, an outstanding British writer of the late 20th century. Previously, the writer's novels were screened by Steven Spielberg - "Empire of the Sun", and David Cronenberg - "Car crash". Then the project for a few decades stalled. He even once positioned himself as "unmovable", which did not stop all famous producer Jeremy Thomas from being obsessed with him and making every effort to resume the filming.


Ben Wheatley's film "The Heights"reviews received mostly supportive, despite the fact that it was shot in the style of an unbalanced camera, and the narrative is inconsistent, skipping over time and merciless. The picture has a rating of MPAA R, although all psychiatric perversions, shocking scenes of violence are disguised by a cultural flair, are richly endowed with cinematographic and musical quotes.

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Original Source

The book of the same name is the source of the collectionwriter, conditionally called the trilogy of urban disasters. Three novels are completely unrelated, but are united by a common theme and motivations that motivate characters to act: car accident, fall (physical and metaphysical), forced isolation, eventually transforming into voluntary, vices, sex, drugs, NTP and urbanization - their pernicious influence on the individual.

The tape was shot by a talented British director BenWhitley, familiar to the viewer on the TV series "Doctor Who" and the tragicomedy "Once! Two! Three! Die! ". "Vysotka" reviews about the film is mixed, perhaps, so its rating by version IMDb is rather low - 5.80. The presenter, in the opinion of reviewers, absolutes the system of mutual relations characteristic of any society, while overturning ordinary phenomena to the level of absurdity: separation into castes, family ties, feelings, religion.

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Self-destruction in British

Allegorically describing the essence of the vicious systemcommunities, metaphorically speaking about morality, the author of the tape thoroughly depicts the life of the 70s, gravitating towards psychedelic shades of color, the musical hits that are relevant for that time period, simplicity in shapes and silhouettes, fashionable clothes - rectangular shirts, flared trousers, jackets. The film "Vysotka" reviews critics compared with a series of art-photographs in the style of the 70's. with amusing perspectives. The manner of the director was considered similar to the style of Stanley Kubrick and François Truffaut, as well as amateurs shooting anti-utopias.

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Description of the film "Vysotka" reviews before reading do not advise, in order to preserve the intrigue and allow the beholder to independently compose an impression of the picture.

The events unfold in 1975. The protagonist, physician Robert Lang (Tom Hiddleston), settles into a skyscraper, whose inhabitants are a model of the future society. Almost all of them are obsessed with their personality, lead a sybaritic way of life, but behind apparent prosperity hides a lot of unresolved problems. The so-called bohemia (pseudo-elite), the inhabitants of the upper penthouses, headed by architect Antony Royal (Jeremy Irons), has all the benefits of civilization. At the same time, the proletariat, who has settled on the lower floors, is content with giving alms. The neighbor of the protagonist Richard Wilder (Luc Evans) intends to shoot a film about the social inequality that exists in the building. Such a situation can not continue indefinitely, a leader appears at the lowest caste, the stock of patience is exhausted, and a micro-revolution begins, with the power to destroy the idyll created by Royal. As it becomes clear, the film "Vysotka" reviews are not accidentally called the projection of modern society.

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Whitley's dystopia

All reviews and photos on the film "Vysotka"indicate the topicality and relevance of the production. The picture is filled with caustic and accurate metaphors, allusions to today's world order. Some are served to the viewer, others are deliberately disguised. So the beholder will have to activate intellectual activity, so as not to miss a single reference and an important image for the storyline. Therefore, the film "Vysotka" reviews viewers sometimes blamed for the understatement, confusion, by their definition, the picture is hypertrophied saturated with hidden meanings. Another important problem of the Whitley project is the script, on which the playwrights Amy Jump and JG Ballard worked. Writers overcook the tape with events and characters, without emphasizing the apotheosis (easily predictable culmination catharsis).

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Negative feedback

The film "Vysotka" reviews negative reviews indown and dust. Some connoisseurs of the cinema accused the creators of the fact that they were already digging too much, as a result left an empty pit where there should have been a connected plot. Beautiful camerawork passages, Tom Hiddleston's professional play is only one half of the tape, and the second component, projecting the instincts from Freud's theory to the interclass mock-up of the society, causes a lot of bewilderment and claims from film critics and ordinary spectators. Skeptical experts point out that Whitley's creation, instead of settling between definitions "exciting" and "clever", got stuck between "beautiful" and "funny." As a result, instead of an acute-social psychological picture, the output was just a good film from the clever Ben Wheatley. By the way, the work of the operator Laurie Rose, the design and installation of Amy Jump under the vigilant control of Ben Wheatley forced negative reviewers to draw parallels with Kubrick's projects, and the demonstrated game of Hiddleston prompted him to compare his character with the character of "American Psycho" Bret Easton Ellis.

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Acting Casting

To produce his project, director BenWhitley attracted the whole color of British film actors. The roles of the main characters are played by Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons and Luc Evans. Actors, recently shot exclusively in Hollywood blockbusters, finally got the opportunity to show their talent in social satire, reincarnated in contradictory characters. Particularly relevant was the change in the image for Evans and for Hiddleston, which are known to a wide audience on the roles of Dracula and Loki. The film "Vysotka" reviews residents recommend to view at least because of a change in the role of these performers. Evans and Irons appear before the audience in the hypostasis of antagonists occupying different levels of the social ladder, although they live in the same skyscraper. Hero Irons, a high-rise architect, lives in a luxurious apartment, the Evans character is on the ground floor in a modest apartment.

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Everything is not without sin

Despite the excellent batch of the three aboveactors, as well as surprisingly organic in the image of her new girlfriend Lang's character Sienna Miller and the inimitable Elizabeth Moss, the movie "Vysotka" reviews are scolded for the lack of positive characters. They are not in the tape a priori. Heroes stand out with bright blots on the general background of screen visual bacchanalia, but the situation does not save. No character encourages the viewer to sympathize or empathize. All as one - arrogant carriers of grotesque unpretentiousness. An exception was not the narrator Robert Lang, who tainted the soul with sins. Although in the micro-context of Whitley's story, the concept of "sin" is rather relative.

The classic parable

Unfortunately, behind reflecting vorthernersheroes dull the main storyline, and behind the author's attempts to equalize the capitalist way of life with the degradation of society, all the plot branches are lost. Therefore, most of the unsophisticated viewers culminating episodes of the tape does not perceive with reverence and astonished trembling, but with considerable relief that everything has finally ended. The filmmakers position the film as an intellectually moralized moral set, which is sorely lacking in a well-adjusted scenario. Ben Wheatley, creating a movie model of modern society, showed how fragile and tends to self-destruction.

Actually, the pictures on such subjects are greata lot, and the idea itself is far from new, but in Vysotka it is revealed with a dark charm of despair. In this case, the creators do not impose either a certain morality or their attitude to the topic. The director therefore deliberately leaves the ending open, it can be interpreted in two ways: as a wreck and as a salvation.