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Learning to Draw Autumn: Landscape with a Tree

Autumn - amazing in its beauty time. It is sung in all forms of art, and not for nothing! Autumn landscapes are full of very special charm, bright, blazing colors and quiet, thoughtful at the same time. Not in vain Tyutchev compared it with a meek smile of withering, and Pushkin called the charm of the eyes. Let's turn to this "dull time" and discuss how to depict it on an album sheet.

Landscape with a tree - how to draw?

Drawing autumn is both easy and simple. It is enough to use a small number of colors from the whole richest palette - and the picture is ready. But to convey the mood, a special state peculiar only to autumn nature - this is the main difficulty. The festival of gold and crimson, permeated with sunlight, and a sense of fragility, the fleetingness of this natural wonder - this is the way those who try to draw autumn feel this time of the year more often. Let's try to explain how to do it.

to draw autumn

  • Take the album sheet and light bluepaint the sky with watercolor. Sometimes you can make it bright blue, just try to make the transitions of the tones smoothened. One of the useful tips how to draw the fall is that when you "cope" with the sky, dipping the morsel into the water and moistening the painted places, here and there they are specially brightened. Let the paper dry. And then we paint autumn with oil - these paints will suit more for transfer of bright, juicy, saturated shades.
  • Now the tree is working on it. Stepping slightly to the left or to the right, draw an enlarged silhouette of the English letter Y. The trunk is made with a thickening down, trying to realistically reproduce its forms. Then, draw the branches. Add to them knots, layers, diverging in different directions. Try to give the crown dynamism, as if the wind is shaking it. After all, you can not draw autumn in static, this is a very moving season.
    how to draw a drawing autumn
  • Next is the crown. Here you can give complete freedom to your imagination. Use lemon, saffron colors, ocher, brownish or crimson shades. Remember the famous Bunin's "forest exactly painted tower ..." - familiar from childhood lines for sure will tell you the original ideas and spectacular combinations.
  • Well, the last stage of how to draw a drawing"Autumn". To your tree does not hang in the air, you should "plant" it. Think, whether you will depict the grass or the naked earth. For grass, make greens with yellowness, here and there draw brown bumps. After all, she faded, lost her summer juiciness. Just mix the colors carefully so that you do not get the colors in the spirit of expressionists. For example, the combination of green and yellow gives blue and turquoise hues. However, you can depict naked land. But in any case, do not forget about fallen leaves - it must necessarily lie under a tree and at some distance from it, as if carried away by the wind. So your autumn landscape will acquire the veracity of details and the realism of images.
    we paint autumn with oil
  • We sharpen the details. The work is mostly completed, some details remain. First, think about what time of day you captured. On this depends on the lighting in the picture. Make a hint in the sun, gilding, highlighting some of the sky, air. Show a hint at the reflection of the rays in the tree crown, reproduce the glare on the grass. More saturated tones, work on the ground shadows from the trunk and branches. For fidelity and dynamism, to give life to the landscape, draw in the air several colored commas - conditionally it will be leaves.

Inspect your creation with a critical eye, correct the annoying shortcomings. Allow the pattern to dry. And feel like a real artist!