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Ratings of bookmakers in Russia and in the world

Fans of arguing on the outcome of the event monetizecraving for excitement in places of congestion of professional debaters. For those who want to leave cash in exchange for the joy of anticipation of victory and gaining the kush offer services bookmakers.

Who will win the match, which player will scorethe first goal, how many yellow and red cards the judge will show - these sports events are betting. But other spheres of life are not ignored by the fans of forecasting. Politics and finance, show business and weather are a reason to argue.

Companies are not equal in terms of disputes and on the results achieved in terms of the consumer. For the selection of ratings are developed bookmaker offices.

bookmaker ratings

Rating Options

The ruler of the rating of the bookmaker offices of the world in terms of reliability is arranged as a system of school grades - from 1 to 5:

  • 5 - an excellent pupil; the elite of bookmaking; quality control of services, high probability of forecasts and reliability of calculations;
  • 4 - good; forecasts partially come true, but there is no risk to players' money ;,
  • 3 - three-member; average; does not stand out in a professional environment; with customers loyal;
  • 2 - double-dad; unscrupulous partners in the dispute; Roughly calculate rates; cancel payments; ignore customer appeals to customer support;
  • 1 - scammers; ephemeral, quickly appear and as quickly disappear; collect money, but do not pay the winnings.

When choosing a bookmaker, evaluate the parameters:

  1. Reliability for the assessment of 1-5.
  2. The line in the pre - match bet on the upcoming events.
  3. Line in live - betting on what is happening.
  4. Odds - on this number the bookmaker multiplies the bet in case of a win.
  5. Convenience of payments - the minimum amount of the firstdeposit; currency of payments: dollars, euro, pounds, rubles; types of payment systems for cash entry / withdrawal - not all foreign offices work with Russian banks.
  6. Support service is the language of communication; unfair bookmakers do not have Russian-speaking staff, so in a conflict situation the customer will always be wrong.
  7. Bonuses and promotions - the beginner offers three types of bonuses: a percentage of the amount of the first replenishment of the account; in the amount of the first bet; percentage depending on the number of events in the express rate.
  8. Technological - a service for comparing coefficients; service of search and display of corridors.

rating of the bookmakers of the world

Rating of the bookmakers of the world

Sometimes when evaluating companies look at the year of foundation. Internet technology, powerful servers, large statistical archives, interactive sites allow newcomers to enter the top-ten ranking.

In 2017, the register of five reliable and best offices looks like this:


Bookmaker name

A country

Event types in the Line

Minimum deposit


William Hill

United Kingdom


$ 10; 10 €; 10 £





400P; $ 10; 10 €





500R; $ 20; 20 €





$ 20; 20 €; £ 20



United Kingdom


500R; $ 20; 20 €

Rating of bookmakers on the Internet

Information on the reliability of payment of money to winners and willingness to resolve conflict situations is posted on the sites about bookmakers.

Trust sources from the first pagesearch engines. In the same place, the methodology is used, based on which the rating of the quality and reliability of the offices is calculated. Publish updated ratings with a history of changes.

rating of bookmakers on the Internet

Reliable rating sites publish a course of consideration of complaints of players on dishonest bookmakers.

Trustworthy sites report openinformation about own experts. There are no casual people in the team. Famous journalists and sports heroes publish on the site pages forecasts for the course of the upcoming event.

Rating of the best bookmakers in Russia

Bookmakers with registration in Russia work on the basis of licenses of the Federal Tax Service and the permissions of the MCCIS.

The top five Russian professional debaters looks like this:

  1. "1xStack". The minimum deposit is fifty Russian rubles. The betting line is not just for sports.
  2. Winline. Good ruler and painting. A direct display of sports battles on its own website.
  3. "LEON". High limits. Good paintings. Bankers - the outcome of a fixed event is placed in all express trains.
  4. "League of rates." Wide list. Reliability of 5 points. Base of statistics. Control over 30% of sports betting.
  5. "Parimatch". 20 years is stable in the market. Bonus Express players.

rating of the best bookmakers in Russia

Domestic bookmakers do not welcome playerswith risk-free rates. Margin is in the range of 7-8 percent, which is twice the foreign bookmakers. Lines are often poor compared to Western counterparts.

But the shortcomings are covered by positive moments:

  • the bookmaker's staff conducts a conversation in all dialects of the Russian language;
  • Russian institutions support domestic payment methods;
  • in the Russian championships, rich lines and paintings;
  • support service is loyal and friendly.

Before you start the game, learn the rules of the office in terms of money I / O.

Decide on the rate yourself. Stick to your own strategy. Remember that algorithmic robots win only on test events.

Remember that in the express rate the law of meanness works - at least one event will not come to pass. Tame your own greed.

Play on the Internet from your mobile phone or tabletstylish, but risky. Bookmakers have a lot of developments on cutting off an Internet player from a deposit account. Therefore, play only in a real bookmaker office.