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Bookmaker: how to open, where to start

According to the opinion of experienced bookmakers, untwistedthe bookmaker's office is able to bring income from business at the level of 10-12%. However, there is always an opportunity to increase this indicator in a favorable direction. Given the very impressive turnover of money, the idea to open a bookmaker's office can be called a truly profitable initiative.

How bookmakers work

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If we consider the features of activitybookmakers in short, it can be noted that the main emphasis here is on the daily establishment of a certain line of quotes. Thus, future sports events are assigned their own coefficients, according to which the players can determine the possible winning amounts.

What is a good sportsbookoffice? How to open such a business and attract a sufficient number of customers? To do this, large eminent bookmakers try to take into account the maximum number of sports competitions that can be bet on. The bulk of bookmakers offer players different levels of rates, including elite, which are not limited to four-digit values. However, it is advisable for a beginner in this field to start with the designation of minimum rates, which will allow to form an idea of ​​the possible turnover of funds.

How to open a bookmaker's office: a franchise

Like any other type of business, the openingbookmaker when entering the market needs to assess the level of direct competitors, the formation of basic principles of work, the development of an effective line of activity, the conduct of a quality advertising campaign. Among other things, it does not exclude the need to attract a whole staff of experienced analysts.

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All of the above entails considerableexpenses. Therefore, a more rational solution may be to invest start-up capital in the already well-developed network of bookmakers and promote your own business in the form of a franchise. At the initial stage, such an initiative may require payment for the provision of updated quotes by a major bookmaker. However, for most beginners, this is not a problem.

Selecting a room

how to open a bookmaker's office on the Internet

How to open a branch of the bookmaker office? You can place it on the most space-limited space. The only prerequisite for running a successful business in this area is the availability of a manager, a good monitor and a computer, as well as equipment for tracking the progress of the competition and changing quotations. All this can easily be accommodated in a fairly close room with an area of ​​not more than 5 m2.

Execution of documents

To open a bookmaker, you need:

  • conclusion of an agreement with the license holder;
  • availability of papers on the status of an individual entrepreneur;
  • lease agreement;
  • confirming documentation from the owner of the leased premises;
  • plans from BTI.

Not wanting to search for space and extrapaperwork, many beginning entrepreneurs try to understand how to open a bookmaker's office on the Internet. But even in this case, to obtain the right to conduct activities on behalf of the license holder, documents from at least three owners of the future totalizator will be required.


Many young bookmakers trylimit yourself to attracting only one manager, who is responsible for tracking quotes and accepting bids. However, it is better to hire several employees to organize shift work.

how to open a bookmaker's franchise office

How to open a bookmaker office "Fonbet" orto acquire the status of any other franchise? If you achieve certain successes and reach a more solid, quality level, you should think about the formation of your own staff of professional sports analysts. It is required, first of all, for the exact definition of your bookmaker line. As a result, the odds of the bookmaker will become even more attractive for players.

You can assemble the team of analysts, attractingemployees who have significant experience in this area and wish to avoid direct competitors. If the strategy for the development of a young office assumes a movement in this direction, then it will be necessary to individually agree on the salary of each individual analyst, since there are no fixed rates in this area.


Instead of the costs of attracting broad staffsmall franchises of popular bookmakers prefer to spend money on specialized software. Required software packages can be offered by any large bookmaker. How to open a branch and get the necessary software package, you can also find out from a major bookmaker when signing an appropriate contract.

At present there is a whole massa variety of proposals for the sale of software to conduct business in the bookmaker. However, most of them differ little from each other. As for the formation of coefficients, they can easily be taken from other offices. As a rule, when you receive a software package from the license holder, you must give a percentage of the total turnover, which in most cases is about 20% per month.

Advertising and promotion

how to open a bookmaker's office
How is the youngan independent bookmaker office? How to open a really promising business? It can be effective to rent advertising sites on the promoted Internet resources, advertise on its own profile sites, display it in stadiums, racetracks, sports bars, in any place where such a way of promotion is potentially capable of producing the desired result.

The cost of promotion of the bookmaker andThe cost of an advertising campaign depends largely on the quality of the advertising itself, the scale of business promotion and the prices of certain ways to attract the attention of potential customers.

Organization of earnings on rates through the Internet

how to open a branch of a bookmaker office
Do not forget that when you open a bookmakeroffices global network can become if not the main, then a fairly profitable source of income. At present, it is not at all necessary to organize the physical representation of one's own company for earnings at the rates. On the Internet, there are enough ready-made scripts for organizing sites of this kind. Therefore, it is often enough just to find an experienced programmer who is able to cope with the task of organizing a system for taking bets.


How profitable can bookmakers be?office? How to open such a business? Earnings on the rates can be organized, even with very little capital, especially if you do it in the form of a franchise or an affiliate program. The initiative with the organization of the bookmaker office on the Internet looks especially attractive and, moreover, the least expensive one. The final decision depends only on the young entrepreneur.