/ / Country style in pictures: Provence and French country

Country style in pictures: Provence and French country

Style in the paintings of Provence does not imply a certain technique and manner of execution, rather, content is important in them - plots, color palette and accents.

Anything can become a plot of the picture; thisstyle loves lightness and comfort, but non-utilitarian and practical, but slightly magical, exciting imagination, impregnated with history, nostalgia and the smell of summer.

Characteristics of the style

style in pictures of Provence

For paintings in the style of French countryside are characteristicnot just rural motives. Provence is sun and happiness, delicious food and fine wine, everything that teaches you to enjoy life and enjoy trifles. The narrow streets of Provencal cities are mixed together history and nature.

Provence is a style that evokes a spirit of tranquility andlightness. Accents in the pictures are put on the abundance of natural light, natural muted colors, as well as unexpectedly bright notes and contrasts. And no matter what it is - still life, landscape or portrait.

Sunlight is an indispensable attribute of Provence, it is he who brings warmth and comfort to the scenes of the pictures, filling them with a shine myriad shades of the warm sea, lavender fields and summer meadows.

History of Provence style

pictures in the style of Provence

Provence, such as it appears in the interior andpainting now, was created by the generous nature of the south of France and the "own hands" of generations of villagers and farmers. That's why similar motifs and a certain style can be traced in the pictures of Provence.

The style of the French village is characterized by simplicity, coziness and an abundance of light, reflecting the everyday life of people who came to this region of France to "forge with happiness".

Today the main characteristic of style is deepa tribute to history. Pictures in the style of Provence depict small low houses, narrow village streets, wicker baskets and pottery. All this can equally well be part of the modern world or a history that has sunk into oblivion.

Typical genres

Historical and everyday genres are united inuniform style. In the paintings, Provence is depicted ephemeral - outside of time and context. Plots of the paintings are more like fragments and fragments of someone's memories than a holistic perception of reality.

That's why the style of Provence is perfectfor still lifes. In them you can simply and tastefully depict everything that is so characteristic of a French village. What can be more "provencal" than a sun-drenched vase of flowers standing on the windowsill.

Still life is not the only genre that can emphasize this style in pictures. Provence is, first of all, magnificent landscapes of the south of France.

oil paintings in the style of Provence

No matter, the village, the city or not touched by mannature is a plot of oil painting in the style of Provence - the landscape must have a number of characteristics, among which the presence of grasses and flowers, a certain palette of shades and necessarily sunlight.

Palette and Accessories

On the densely packed and dusty streets of Provencalvillages, on pavement-covered squares of small towns there are always elements of nature and history. Roughly hewn stone facades of old houses are painted with natural materials like ocher, umbra and lapis lazuli, and are almost always decorated with clay vases with bushes of bright colors.

Anything can be represented in styleProvence, if you decorate it with bouquets of lavender and add muted shades and sunlight. That's why for the Provençal palette the main colors are white, blue, yellow, and for the contrast colors such as olive, turquoise, lilac or Chinese pink, terracotta or amber are ideal.

Pictures with summer or spring landscapes,written in the style of Auguste Renoir or Claude Monet, fit perfectly in the spirit of the style of the French province. Such paintings should not be enclosed in heavy museum frames; you can insert them into the usual rack-and-pinion frame, and it's best to hang it just on the stretcher.