/ / Russian composer Basner Veniamin Efimovich: biography, creativity

Russian composer Basner Veniamin Efimovich: biography, creativity

19 years ago the world lost the greatest composer,musical genius - Basner Veniamin Efimovich. As a boy, Benjamin wanted to break out of the circle of poverty and everyday life and, as you know, he succeeded. His childhood and youth Basner spent in Yaroslavl. His family experienced some financial difficulties, since they were all settlers from Dvinsk. The reason for this was the First World War.

Yaroslavl. The first steps towards high art

Was born Basner Veniamin Efimovich January 1, 1925of the year. And maybe he would become the same tailor as his father, but thanks to Grandfather Hirsch Yakovlevich Greditor, who knew a lot of Jewish songs and adverbs, Benjamin realized that the whole world would be opened to him only by music. And from that moment on the guy chooses the path of a great musician, a famous composer. After graduating from the Yaroslavl Musical College,

basser veniamin

Basner Veniamin Efimovich was invited toPhilharmonic, but because of the military actions of 1942 he was forced to join the Red Army, where he played the role of the chief orchestral conductor and from time to time repaired broken or damaged musical instruments. And only after demobilization, a real world of music opens before Basner.

Where does the homeland begin?

To all connoisseurs of the high well-known film"The Shield and the Sword", 1965. In the beginning and at the end of each film from this quadrology you heard a song performed by Mark Bernes. "What does the homeland begin with?" Is the name of the composition. The text for this work was written by Mikhail Matusovsky, and these lyrics were written by young Benjamin Basner. Most critics believe that this song became so famous not because of the words, but because of the music of Veniamin Efimovich. And those who watched the magnificent film "Shield and Sword", listening to the song "Where does the Motherland begin?", First of all recall the motive, and then the text itself.

Dmitry Shostakovich and his influence on the formation of Basner as a composer

Hearing for the first time 5 Symphony of Dmitry Shostakovich in1938, Basner Veniamin Efimovich finds himself an idol. Shostakovich's music influenced him very much, and often inexperienced musicians can even confuse the works of these by right of great composers.

with which the homeland begins

Having been educated at the N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, Basner personally gets acquainted with Shostakovich, that in the future, promises them a very strong friendship both in terms of music and in life. In addition to being fascinated by each other's music, Gustav Mahler's compositions equally excited the hearts of sensitive musicians.

The family of the great composer

Efim Semenovich Basner worked at the shoe factorySeverohod. It was not a very good and simple job, but the family needed to be fed, since the mother was a housewife. Veniamin himself after the war, namely in 1947 meets a young girl - Nina Kaplan. Love instantly turned the head of the young people, and soon they played a wedding. Nina gave Basner two adorable daughters - Olga and Elena. But his last days Veniamin Yefimovich did not live with Nina. His second love was Aysla Rasimovna Gubaidulina. Already in this marriage Basner Veniamin Efimovich is the third time happy father. The composer named his youngest daughter Anna. At that time Jewish traditions were respected, so the name sounded differently - Avital.

music of Veniamin Basner

The younger brothers Benjamin Basner, Mark and Herman, did not follow in the footsteps of the elder, but set foot on the path of science. Herman eventually became a candidate of medical sciences, and Mark - a mathematician.

Music by Benjamin Basner

The compositions of Benjamin Basner are not just a gameon musical instruments, but also on the strings of the human soul. Melody falls through the ears of the listener into his soul, heart and into the darkest corners of consciousness. Very well the art of Basner describes human nature: bursts of emotion, anger and a note of peace, tranquility and balance. If in the Soviet Union the film was shot, and he needed to give a share of romanticism, human suffering or joy, then no director could afford to give up the music of Benjamin Yefimovich Basner.

Veniamin Basner Songs

And for all his compositions, musicals and operettasthe composer was awarded the USSR's greatest awards in terms of music and art: the Order of Friendship (1994), the Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1974), the People's Artist of the RSFSR (1982) and the RSFSR State Prize of the Brothers Vasiliev (1980).

Songs of Benjamin Yefimovich Basner

After himself, the great composer left verya deep and tangible trace in the art of the Soviet Union and modern Russia. Veniamin Basner wrote his songs and music to the ordinary people - the working population and soldiers. This is evidenced by his huge discography: "For the rest of his life ... Songs about the war", "White acacia grapes fragrant ... Songs from movies", "String quartets", "You and I" and many more published or not recorded compositions . It really was a great man, a great musician! His motives will exist forever in Soviet movies, good old spiritual songs, and in classical music in general.

This is only a short story about the creativity of thisa genius man, only an abstract to a story. In many post-Soviet and Russian conservatories, you can still hear Basner's works as an example of high-level, multi-faceted music, feelings that can be understood by adults and children alike. On the coast of the Moika River there is a large marble monument on the house No. 16, which reads: "In this house, the composer Veniamin Efimovich Basner lived and worked." This shows that the art of the composer has not been forgotten and is still appreciated.

bassner Veniamin Efimovich

August 18, 1971 Smirnova Tamara Mihailovna,watching the starry sky over the Crimea in the observatory, noticed a small flying fragment. On the map of asteroids it was not inflicted, therefore, taking advantage of the right of the pioneer, Smirnova named an asteroid in honor of the composer Basner Veniamin Efimovich - (4267) Basner. It would seem that a person who is completely immersed in astronomy and space exploration should have slightly different preferences than Basner's music, but that's not it!