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"Business Secrets" - Oleg Tinkov's program

When a person grows up, he begins more and moreclearly understand that education - this is the thing that really is worth spending time and money, because the uneducated will hardly be able to do something worthwhile in life.

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The most active and interested people most oftentry to use the Internet as an additional means of education, and this is the right decision, since on the Internet you can actually find almost any information on any topic of interest to a person. Another question is whether this information is structured, truthful, and most importantly how useful it is.

Useful content

Informative means of education on the Internet is notas much as we would like. It is difficult to find something worthwhile among a pile of useless content. If we talk about really useful and authoritative sources, unquestionably, we should single out the transfer of Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov, which is called "Business Secrets".

about the author

Oleg Tinkov is one of the richest people in Russia. His entrepreneurial career was very diverse. At the beginning of the trip, Oleg was engaged in engineering. He founded a network of household appliances stores "TechnoShock." It was one of the first successful business projects.

business secrets with Oleg Tinkov

Further Oleg Tinkov was engaged in businessin different, completely unrelated areas. He produced various semi-finished products and founded a poppy beer "Tinkoff". A turning point in his life was the sale of his beer business for more than $ 200 million. This capital gave the entrepreneur the opportunity to organize the organization of the largest in Russia and in the world mobile bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems".

At the moment, the bank's capitalization exceeds $ 2 billion, while Oleg himself, being the owner of a controlling stake, is a dollar billionaire.

Themes and format of the program "Business Secrets"

As it is not difficult to guess from the title, the mainthe theme of the program "Business Secrets" with Oleg Tinkov is entrepreneurship and business. Oleg Tinkov is a man who really understands the topic and has enough knowledge that can be extremely useful for young and even for experienced entrepreneurs.

10 secrets of business

The program itself is in the format of an interview. Being a man well-known in business circles, Oleg Tinkov has the opportunity to invite a lot of interesting and successful people from the world of entrepreneurship. So, the guests of the program "Business Secrets" were already:

  • The founder of Evroset Yevgeny Chichvarkin.
  • Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman.
  • Famous designer Artemy Lebedev.
  • Popular video blogger Amiran Sardarov.
  • Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Herman Klimenko.

Visited Oleg and many other interesting guests,which really has something to tell a wide audience. People from the most diverse areas come to the interview, that's why anyone will be interested in the program, as it expands the general outlook.

Project development

The program "Business Secrets" with Oleg Tinkov began to come out in the beginning of 2010. For several years of its existence, it has changed more than once about both the location of the filming and the format.

In the early years of the program Oleg Tinkov had a co-host - his colleague in banking business Oleg Anisimov. However, over time, Tinkoff began to run the program himself.

program business secrets

Also in some period the program was broadcast on the RBC channel.

October 1, 2015 was the first release of the program"Business Secrets 2.0". The issues with the note 2.0 were significantly different from the previous ones. In the new season, Oleg decided to abandon the broadcasts on television and in various other locations and began to shoot the program exclusively in his office of the bank "Tinkoff". The format remained the same - an interview with successful businessmen and well-known personalities.

In this format, 19 issues were filmed, afterwhich changed the program and began to come out under the name "Business Secrets 3.0". The main theme of business and communication with interesting people have been preserved, but now Oleg Tinkov does not invite guests to his office, and he himself goes to the office of this or that company to talk with its founder and show the work from the inside. At the moment, only 6 videos have been shot in this format, but the project continues and new releases can be expected in the near future.


Oleg Tinkov - one of the most successfulentrepreneurs of Russia, and who, if not him, know exactly how and what to do in business. The program "Business Secrets" will be very useful for all people who in one way or another are connected with entrepreneurship, or in the future plan to do it. Every person who wants to learn 10 business secrets, learn to think like an entrepreneur, and listen to the opinion of the most authoritative people in this field, must definitely find the time to watch "Business Secrets".