/ / Member of the project "Vacations in Mexico" Roman Nikitin

Member of the project "Vacations in Mexico" Roman Nikitin

Roman Nikitin was born on May 16, 1989 in the city of St. Petersburg. Until the ninth grade he was an earnest guy and studied for one of the five, he was distinguished by diligence, but after a while something went wrong.

Short biography and history of participation in TV shows

Ironically, Roman spent 5 years playing football inGreece, did not go on vacation anywhere. But then decided to try his luck on the project "Vacation in Mexico", where he hoped to rest and find, finally, his life companion. But things did not go as smoothly as Nikitin suggested.

A simple guy before participating in the project worked as a hydraulic shop operator at the plant, tried to always remain himself, and at the show he dreamed of repelling a beautiful girl from a tough, hard-working guy.

Roman Nikitin vacation in Mexico

Nevertheless, the beauties did not hurry to startrelationship with Roman, because they were not interested in the lifestyle of a simple guy. But the young man did not give up, as he wanted to prove to everyone that he could win the most beautiful girl. He did not try to hide that this is one of the reasons for the presence on the popular television show of Roman Nikitin.

Roman's relationship to the project

One of the participants of the project, Diana, nevertheless puteye on the guy, which surprised many viewers, and other "Mexicans", too. But the girl had a relationship with the expectation that such a "simpleton" could be easily managed. Beauty has not considered that when a guy drinks, it becomes aggressive.

A little while later the couple broke up, and RomanNikitin was surrounded by other girls, one of whom was the singer Sarah. She liked the guy very much, and he wanted to start building relationships, but the girl herself went back on track, never having decided on her feelings when it came time to choose sympathy. Later the participant decided that it was better to have stability in relations with Diana than the possible betrayal of Sarah and her private changeable mood.

Drawing conclusions, Roman became romantic and sweet in relation to Diana, courted her and brought breakfast to bed.

Roman Nikitin is now

At the moment the former participant of the project "Vacations in Mexico" Roman Nikitin works as a TV presenter and DJ.

The guy repeatedly participated in castings, dreamed of getting into show business, but luck is not yet on his side.

Roman Nikitin

The TV presenter has a good-natured and cheerful character, is distinguished by vital activity and unquenchable energy. Despite this, on the project many participants considered it to be two-faced and insincere.

How will the fate of the guy in the future - it is unknown, maybe he will still achieve his goal and plunge into the world of show business.