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The best detective series - about the tastes of arguing

The founder of the detective genre in literatureis considered the American Edgar Poe. His Dupin became the forerunner of the famous pastor Brown and Sherlock Holmes - the real English! By the way, these characters have turned into heroes of the best detective films created at different times. So, Gilbert Chesterton (Pastor Brown) appeared in the series of the Air Force, as well as in numerous screen versions. But, perhaps, the pastor failed to keep up with Sherlock Holmes. The famous detective became a cult figure in many ways thanks to the screen.

For the Soviet audience on the question: "Name the best detective series" - the answer was one: "Our Sherlock Holmes", created by the director Maslennikov and embodied on the screen by Vasily Livanov! ". The success of the painting was shared by Dr. Vatson - Vitaly Solomin. Until now, our cinematographers are proud that "our" Sherlock is recognized by the British as the best foreign Holmes.

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The famous detective films were filmed not onlyon the Air Force. As for creating a special atmosphere, close to a literary source, the British have no equal. But it will be unfair, when evaluating detective series, not to name the products of the American film industry. There are also cult icons. Here he is, an absurd little man in a crumpled cloak, who nevertheless manages to solve all the tricky riddles, waving his arms and irritating the interlocutors. Lieutenant Colombo - a person known in the world of cinema.

By the way, in the field of the genre in question startedin due time and the future hero of the big screen - Bruce Willis. The "Moonlight" agency opened the way to the screens and to the hearts of the spectators when the "tough nut" was still young. And for the fans of Willis, the best detective series - those where Bruce starred.

But back to the UK.

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Adherents of the classic English filmare convinced that the best detective series - those that were shot according to the novels of the great Agatha Christie. Two magnificent screen versions made by the Air Force in cycles of the writer's stories are Poirot and Miss Marple. And experts note exactly these multi-series paintings, although the books of Christie were filmed and films, including Soviet cinema. But the specificity of the writer's books is such that it is the genre of the series that fits perfectly into the measured course of events, the deployment of the plot, and the Air Force, step by step, recreates this world, slowly and scrupulously.

I would like to mention a couple more Air Force products,which have millions of fans. It's "Morse" and "Purely English Murders". This list can be continued, English directors do not change their favorite style.

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Surprisingly "shot" in this genreseems to be not a cinematic country. The Austrian multi-series film about the clever sheep-dog - "Commissioner Rex" - can rightly be entered in the top list while researching the topic "the best detective series." Why the list? Because there are so many people, so many opinions.

A long time removed American detective"Law and order". And this successful series moved to different countries, there is also its Russian version. In the French version, the starring actor and director of the "first row" Vincent Perez starred in film, so the quality of the work is beyond doubt.

While there are riddles, crimes and people's desire for a criminal to be found and punished, the best detective films will be popular all over the world.