/ How do they create plasticine cartoons?

How do they create plasticine cartoons?

Art is very multifaceted. It's so great that it can be both serious and entertaining. Not only children, but also adults are pleased to watch cartoons. A special niche among them is occupied by cartoons from plasticine. Painted already no one is surprised, computer graphics are also palled, but this option always causes a sea of ​​delight.

plasticine cartoons

Why does this happen? Probably, because plasticine cartoons require a lot of patience and time to create, that's why real artists and lovers of their craft take on their implementation.

What is required in order to remove them? Fans of the creative and even professional directors argue that anyone can create plasticine cartoons at home. To do this, you need:

  • plasticine of different colors;
  • camera with a tripod;
  • a special program on the computer (Sony Vegas, for example);
  • inspiration and desire to create.

To begin with, you can make a mini-project tosee what happens in the end, and what needs to be taken into account next time. Blind a simple figure, install the camera on a tripod (or on a stack of books, if there is not one) and start shooting. In order to make plasticine cartoons as good as possible, take pictures as often as possible. For example, if you dazzled a person's figure, then about 10 frames should go to the "raising of the hand". This is really a very laborious process, therefore, in order to remove a full-length plasticine cartoon film, it can take several months to several years.

cartoon wolf cartoon

After all the necessary pictures are taken,you need to transfer them to your computer. Programs for video processing, as a rule, have an intuitive interface, and therefore to collect all the images, adjust the speed and apply sound, no one will be difficult.

However, before creating your ownmasterpieces, it is better to get acquainted with what has already been created by professionals. The whole team works on cartoons: there is a director, a script writer, an operator, and an artist ... In general, things are the same here as on the set of a regular film. Actors are also involved, only they are not removed, but only voiced plasticine characters.

cartoons from plasticine

Recognized masterpieces

  • Cartoon "The Plasticine Crow". Released on the Soviet screens in 1981, he immediately won the audience. Narratives of the unusual adventures of a simple Russian peasant.
  • Series about Wallace and Gromit. There are 3 most famous half-hour releases (the first of which is "Picnic on the Moon" in 1989), 10 short episodes, as well as a full-length film. These plasticine cartoons tell us about the life and adventures of the inventor Wallace and his silent, but intelligent dog, Grommeet.
  • "Coraline". This cartoon appeared on the big screens relatively recently, in 2008, however the story of the girl who got into the parallel world, at first sight beautiful, and on the second - full of dangers, managed to win the love of people all over the planet.

Of course, there are still a lot of plasticine masterpieces, and, of course, each of them is filled with a special charm.