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Nina Persson: biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Nina Persson is. Her biography will be examined in detail below. She was born in 1974, on September 6, in Jönköping. It's about the vocalist of a Swedish band called The Cardigans. Engaged in musical creativity and outside of this collective.


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Nina Persson released the album in solo project ACamp, which was released in 2001. The producer of this CD was Mark Linkus. He is also known under the pseudonym Sparklehorse. In support of the plate, our heroine went on a tour of Europe. In addition, she performed at a number of summer festivals.

The girl has established herself and as an actress. She played one of the main roles in the film Om Gud Vill. The film was presented to the public in 2006. Together with musicians Nathan Larson and Niklas Frisk worked on the creation of Colonia, the second record of the A Camp project. At that moment he was transformed into a group. The album was presented in 2009. In support of the album the band toured the United States and Europe.


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Nina Persson took part in the documentarythe film Jag är min egen Dolly Parton. His premiere took place in 2011, on 11 March. The film is directed by the representative of Sweden, Jessica Nettelblatt. The main characters of the picture were made by five singers from her native country: Helena Yousefsson, Gudrun Hauxdottir, Lotta Wenglen, Cecilia Nordlund and our heroine. Among the topics raised in the tape are the attempts to have a child, the loss and gaining of faith, the search for love, the fight against the disease. In support of a DVD with a documentary and on the occasion of the release of an album of covers for Dolly Parton's compositions, a group called Dollykollot was temporarily formed. It consisted of the main heroines of the picture. The band gave several concerts in Scandinavia.

Creativity and personal life

In 2012 Nina Persson returned to the band The Cardigans. The group united in order to go to the European as well as the Asian tour. He was dedicated to an album called Gran Turismo. This work was published in 1999. Later the group took a break from work again. Our heroine took up solo projects. Among them, her joint album with her husband Natan Larson and Erdem Khelvachioglu, the Turkish composer, should be specially noted.

Our heroine participated in the work on the debuta disco of a theatrical troupe called The Citizens Band. For this band she performed the song I Swung The Election. The vocalist regularly collaborates with The Citizens Band and joins the various theatrical productions of this troupe. The singer took part in the creation of the second solo album by James Aich called Look To The Sky. In this work, she performed backing vocals for Till Next Tuesday and Make Believe.

Now a little more about privacyour heroine. Her husband is Nathan Larson, an American musician and composer. The couple married in 2001, on June 16. In 2010, on September 30, the singer gave birth to her first child. Nils was named.


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Nina Persson, as already mentioned above, issoloist group The Cardigans, so this team should talk more. The style of the team in different albums has changed, but the predominant direction remains rock and its varieties. The debut album of the band was the work of Emmerdale 1994. She provided the group with a solid foundation in the homeland, as well as attention abroad, in particular, in Japan.

The second album was recorded in 1995. and was called Life. It included the single Carnival. This work has become a breakthrough. The group received more attention from critics and listeners. In 1996, released the album First Band on the Moon. It included the song Lovefool, which became a hit, sounded around the world. The popularity of this disc was brought by the fact that he became a soundtrack to the film "Romeo + Juliet".

Many considered the group one-day. However, these assumptions dispelled the international success of the compositions Erase / Rewind and My Favorite Game, which were included in the album Gran Turismo. The record became the closest to pop music. After that, in 2003 released the album Long Gone Before Daylight.