/ / Biography of Svetlana Kamynina - talented actress of the Russian theater and cinema

Biography of Svetlana Kamynina - talented actress of Russian theater and cinema

Today in this article will be consideredbiography of Svetlana Kamynina, one of the famous Russian actresses of theater and cinema. It is worth noting that the decision to become an actress Svetlana came only after several years of torment in unloved work. At the insistence of her father, she received an economic education and worked for three years as a bank employee. Svetlana Kamynina's biography will be interesting to the fans of her work, and to people who remembered her only on the role of the head physician in the sensational series "Interns." Also we learn about how the personal life of the actress has developed.

biography of Svetlana Kamynina

Biography of Svetlana Kamynina: childhood

A future performer of manyCinema in the city of Chelyabinsk in 1979. Every year Svetlana celebrates her birthday on the 25th of January. The girl's mother worked as a teacher in school, and her father was a bank employee. Since childhood, parents have instilled in their daughters diligence, since 13 years Svetlana could boast personally earned money for pocket expenses: she cleaned the premises, and gave children English lessons, and worked in the newspaper. Svetlana was very worried about her propensity to fullness, so at the age of fifteen she radically changed her diet and carefully watched her figure-she consumed low-fat foods, fruits, vegetables.

Biography of Svetlana Kamynina: choice of life path
Svetlana Kamynina Biography Personal life

After the ninth grade of Light at the insistence of his fatherwent to study in a banking school, and after her graduation she entered the financial and economic institute. Good performance in studies allowed the girl to easily find a job in one of the commercial banks. Three long years Svetlana gave her energy to the unloved cause, and in 2000 she decided to radically change her life and entered the acting department of the International Slavic Institute. So began her career as a well-known actress today - Svetlana Kamynina.

actress Svetlana Kamynina biography

Biography of the star: roles in the cinema

In 2004 Svetlana became a graduate of theinstitute and got a job in the Moscow Regional Youth Theater where she worked for one year. In 2005, Kamynina receives an offer and goes to work at the theater "Practice". There, it is remembered for the spectator by playing in theatrical productions "This child" and "Merchants". In the same year, Svetlana made her debut in the movie - she starred in the movie "Airport", later on the television goes "Boomer. The second film ", in which the novice actress played the role of Lenka. The debut was successful and opened Kamynin's way into the domestic cinema. She was invited to the role of Catherine Maslova, the mother of a seventeen-year-old girl in the film "Simple Things", although Sveta at the time was only 26 years old. Despite this, the actress brilliantly coped with the role and received as a recognition of the award "Nika". For the sake of experience and practice Kamynin accepts proposals to play even the most minor roles. So with her episodic participation came the films "Kadetstvo", "Love as Love", "Volkova-3 Hour", "Moscow. Central District-3 ". A really popular actress was due to the role of Anastasia Kisegach in the series "Interns". In a duet with no less talented actor Ivan Okhlobystin they managed to make the film surprisingly interesting and positive.

Svetlana Kamynina: biography - personal life

About how her life is developing behind the scenes,the actress does not like to talk. Her plans to become a wife and mother were not destined to come true. The search for answers to eternal questions led Kamynin to India, where she became attached to spiritual practices and abandoned her aspirations for living standardly, creating a family and giving birth to children. Now the actress is engaged in yoga, prefers the vegetarian way of eating.