/ / Fairy tale for adults "Snow White and the Hunter": actors and the roles they played

Fairy tale for adults "Snow White and the Hunter": actors and the roles they played

In 2012, a movie appeared on the screens of cinemas"For adults" - "Snow White and the Hunter". Actors Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth attracted much attention to the film, because so many celebrities in one picture do not often see. Who else from the Hollywood stars agreed to the filming in the tape and how "Snow White and the Hunter" differs from the usual fairy tale?

"Snow White and the Hunter": actors. Kristen Stewart in the role of Snow White

Kristen Stewart has gained worldwide fame afterfilming in the vampire saga "Twilight". And although the girl does not shine with acting talents, she was able to become an idol for young people, and she is willingly shot by modern directors. The actress was also invited to the cast of "Snow White and the Hunter".

Actors for a new adaptation of the tales of the Brothers Grimm andso picked up some of the most famous in Hollywood. But director Rupert Sanders, wishing to attract additional interest in his project, decided that without Stewart they could not do.

snow white and hunter actors

From the original plot created by the brothersGrimm, of course, little is left: the film primarily had to meet the standards of Hollywood. Therefore, the output turned out to be a thriller, a fairy tale, and a thriller with an admixture of mysticism - that is, three in one.

Briefly describe the plot does not work, because heis entangled, as befits the plot of the thriller. The main heroine (Snow White in the performance of Stewart) was hostage to the evil Queen of Rovenna. When my stepmother found out that she must die at the hands of Snow White, she decided to kill her stepdaughter, but she escaped. On her trail Rovenna lets the hunter Eric.

Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen

Despite the fact that Charlize Theron is one of the mostthe most beautiful women in the world, she is not satisfied with her ideal appearance only - the actress is experimenting, looking for new interesting roles and is not afraid of change. For example, for the movie "Mad Max: The Road of Fury," the beautiful Theron allowed herself to be naked. And for filming in the Detective "In the Valley of Elah" she changed her luxurious blond to an inconspicuous brown shade of hair.

charlize theron
The film "Snow White and the Hunter" was for Charlizealso a kind of experiment, because the actress has never played in fairy tales or films in the genre of fantasy. This time in front of the audience, she appeared in the image of the incredibly beautiful Queen of Rovenna. Given the exceptional external data, one can not help noticing the serious miscalculation of the film's director: according to the story, Snow White is becoming more beautiful than the queen, so she decided to get rid of it. But the very latest fool obviously that Kristen Stewart, even after ten plastic surgeries can not be compared with Charlize.

Chris Hemsworth as Hunter

Another invited celebrity is Chris Hemsworth, who won the role of hunter in the movie "Snow White and the Hunter".

Actors Theron and Hemsworth first half of the filmplay allies: Queen Rovenna sends hunter Eric to find Snow White, and in return promises to resurrect his wife. When Erik caught the girl, he accidentally finds out that Ravenna does not have such strength, and she will not be able to fulfill her promise. Then Erik changes his tactics and decides to pay for the Snow White award to the Duke of Hammond, the ally of the girl's father. And after that the hunter helps in every way to destroy the evil sorceress.

Snow White and the Hunter

Chris Hemsworth shone in the Hollywood sky in2011, when he won the main role in the blockbuster "Thor". The film collected a good cash, so later the tape "Tor-2" was removed, and then the actor was included in the permanent cast of the series of films "The Avengers".

In fact, the hunter Eric in the performance of Chris - this is the same Thor Tor, only this time he has an ax in his hand instead of a hammer.

Sam Claflin as Prince

The film "Snow White and the Hunter" was not without a beautiful prince. This role was entrusted to the British actor Sam Claflin.

Sam started acting in film in 2010. Immediately after his screen debut in the film "The Lost Future," he won a major role in the film "The Heart of Everyone." Then the young man appeared, albeit episodically, in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides". And in 2013, Sam's career went uphill: he got the part of Finick in the series "Hunger Games", then he played the main character in the project "Club of Rebel". In 2016, the screens will release the film "Snow White and the Hunter-2", in which Claflin will again play Prince William.

Sam Spruell

Other performers of roles

The role of the malicious brother of Rovenna, whomsubsequently kills the hunter, got Sam Spruell. Sam is a British actor who can also be seen in the films "Legend" with Tom Hardy, "The Golden Age" with Cate Blanchett and "The Lord of the Storm" with Jeremy Renner.

She starred in the tale of Rupert Sanders and the British model Lily Cole. Before "Snow White and the Hunter" she took part in the filming of the films The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Odnoklassnitsy.

In the role of the Duke of Hammond, the viewer will see Vincent Rigan, who is well known for the films "Troy", "Jeanne d'Arc" and "300 Spartans". And King Magnus played Noah Huntley ("Dracula", "Brave with the heart").

And, of course, there were seven dwarfs, whose roles were played by Toby Jones, Ian McShane, Nick Frost, Ray Winston, Eddie Marsan, Brian Gleeson and Bob Hoskins.