/ / Cinema "Illusion". Network of cinemas "Illusion". Cinema "Illusion", Moscow

Cinema "Illusion". Network of cinemas "Illusion". Cinema "Illusion", Moscow

Cinema "Illusion" is the brainchild of the State Film Fund of Russia. It is located near the Kremlin, in the heart of the capital.

Cinema Illusion Vladivostok

In the film storages, equipped in the building, towering on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, there are almost seventy thousand films. There are no analogues of such a collection all over the world.

History of creation

Cinema "Illusion" for the first time invited viewersto watch movies still on 18.03.1966. The basis for his discovery was the order of the Chairman of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers for Cinematography, published on 12.11.1965. It was there that the need for a wide use of the collection of films stored in the storages of the State Film Fund was given.

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The main goal pursued by thisThe order was propaganda of the best works of not only Soviet, but also foreign cinema art. The document also instructed the opening of the "Gosfilmofond" cinema in a building located on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in house No. 1/15. Earlier there was a cinema "Znamya".

Start of activity

Cinema "Illusion" was the first non-profitinstitution of culture. In his work, he did not obey the then existing official cinema censorship, while at the same time under the strict control of the party bodies of the capital.

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From the very first days the cinema "Illusion"was popular with various categories of viewers. The press began to express the opinion that this institution was a kind of a breath of freedom against the backdrop of existing stagnant phenomena in society, characterized by a tightening of censorship and the introduction of all kinds of prohibitions.

In the beginning of its activity the cinema "Illusion"experienced constant pressure from the party and government authorities. This was due to the exceptional nature of the institution and the demonstration of a special repertoire. The cinema used non-standard forms of propaganda. From time to time the question was raised about closing the "Illusion" altogether. However, the decision was never made. Public opinion played a big role in this. His contribution to the continuation of the cinema and made such outstanding masters of Soviet cinema, as Mikhail Zharov, Roman Carmen and Marina Ladynina. Subsequently, they took over Illyuzion a kind of patronage, helping the institution avoid critical situations.

Cinema Today

Over the years of its activity, Illusion has made a contributionin the education of several generations of spectators in the spirit of love for world classics and devotion to cinema. This activity continues today. Traditionally, various events are held in the Illyuzion to popularize and promote the history of film culture. In addition to watching films, viewers can attend creative meetings and festivals, retrospective shows and lectures. Consultations of scientific personnel are held on any issues of cinema art.


Cinema "Illusion" (Moscow) demonstrates to its viewers the best pictures that are in the collection of the State Film Fund of the Russian Federation. They form the basis of his repertoire.

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For many years since the opening of the monthly cinema presents to the audience the thematic cycles. Among them are the following:

  • musical films;
  • masterpieces of silent movies;
  • kinopaskki for adults and children;
  • films, which became winners of the "Oscar" award, etc.

Cinema "Illusion" is unique in that the programs that are shown in it include films that are not produced in mass production.


In the cinema "Illusion" in 2004. carried out reconstruction. After that, high-quality sound and light equipment appeared in it. New armchairs were installed, which have stands for popcorn and drinks. Reconstruction maximally retained the attributes that were in the former "Illusion". This stucco on the wall and ceiling, an old chandelier, a piano, photos and columns in the foyer. There was a mono sound in the hall for one hundred and twenty places, which was there during the Soviet era.

The cinema, located in the famous high-rise of the capital, favorably differs from other similar institutions with its unique repertoire, which reigns in it a special atmosphere and a cozy cafe.

Illusion Network

In June 1999 the company "Cinema" began its work. In the Far East, she opened a network of cinemas "Illusion", each of which corresponds to international standards. In the Primorye Territory, the company created seven such cultural institutions. The total number of cinemas was fifteen.

In the existing market of film distribution of the FarEast network of cinemas "Illusion" is on the leading place. The principle, which is the basis of the company's work, is the maintenance of cultural institutions at the modern level. This allows the cinemas to provide the maximum number of entertainment services to the highest standard.

"Illusion" in Vladivostok

The first cinema of this famous network opened inPrimorye opened its doors to viewers in 1999. It was with his appearance that the process began to form a modern film distribution in the Far East. Cinema "Illusion" (Vladivostok) is located in the building of the Youth Theater. His address - pr. 100 years Vladivostok, d. 103. Within the walls of this institution of culture, viewers for the first time saw better films, for the display of which the "Illusion-Max" technology was used.

cinema illusion moscow

For these purposes in 2013. in the cinema there was a hall. Today, this cinema is a separate mini-complex. There are four auditoriums. The first one is called "Illusion-Max". This is the largest hall with a capacity of 236 seats. It is interesting that viewers, having come to view in "Illusion-Max", can take not only ordinary chairs, but also sofas. In the center of the hall there is a zone "Bit Box". There are twenty comfortable comfortable seats in it.

The next three halls of the cinema are designed for one hundredtwenty-one, eighty-eight and ninety-four chairs for spectators. In these rooms there are also various zones and equipment for demonstrating films in a variety of formats. Quality screen cloths installed in the auditoriums have an increased coefficient of image brightness.

The cities of Primorsky Krai, where you can find "Illusion" (cinema), - Nakhodka, Ussuriysk and, of course, Vladivostok.