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"300 Spartans": actors and features

Today we will talk about the movie "300 Spartans". Actors will be presented further. It's about an American feature film directed by Zach Snyder. The film was released in 2007. The film is a screen version of the comic book by Lynn Varley and Frank Miller. The original source was created in 1998.


300 Spartans actors
First, we discuss the plot of the film "300 Spartans". Actors will be presented below. At the heart of the narrative is a free interpretation of the real events of the fifth century BC. e. The army of Xerxes, the Persian ruler, begins an invasion of Greece. Tsar Leonid, as well as his people, meet with a delegation that demands water and land. In other words, we are talking about the complete submission to Xerxes. Spartans in response to the Persians are thrown into the well. From the side of the oracles, bribed by the Persians, a prediction of defeat sounds. Despite this, Leonid takes over the leadership of the detachment, stands on a campaign and in the Thermopyl gorge blocks the Persians road.

Key players

Tsar Leonid and his wife Gorgo are the main characters in the movie "300 Spartans". Actors Gerard Butler and Lina Hidi performed these roles. Let's talk more about the first one.
Gerard Butler is a movie actor. Known for his roles in the following films: "The Fall of London", "Rock-n-Roller", "Law-abiding Citizen", "Naked Truth", "Phantom of the Opera". Gerard is the third child in a Catholic family. His parents are Margaret and Edward. Lynn and Brown are the elder sister and brother of the actor. When the boy was six months old, the family went to Montreal. There, his father made several attempts to organize his own business. All efforts ended in failure. In failures, he blamed children and his wife.

David Wenham embodied the image of the narrator and soldier Dily.

Other heroes

the actors of the movie 300 Spartans
Leonid's friend Captain Artemy and Xerxes are the kingPersians - also appear in the plot of the film "300 Spartans". Actors V. Regan and Rodrigo Santoro embodied these images. Dominic West performed the role of Feron - a corrupt Spartan politician. The actors of the movie "300 Spartans" Tom Wisdom and Michael Fassbender played the eldest son of Captain Artemy and soldier Stelios. Andrew Plevin played the role of Daxos. Andrew Tiernan played the Spartan exile Ephialte. Giovanni Cimmino embodied the image of Plistarchus - the son of Leonid. Peter Mensah played the Persian envoy. Kelly Craig embodied the image of the oracle. Stephen McHatti appeared in the story as an adviser. Patrick Sabongyu played the Persian general. Tyler Neytzel embodied the image of the young Leonid. Robert Maye played Berserker. Darren Shahlavi played the role of a Persian soldier.