/ / Painting "Golden Autumn" Levitan - poetry, transferred to the canvas

Painting "Golden Autumn" Levitan - poetry, transferred to the canvas

The famous Russian painter Isaak Levitan -an unrivaled master of landscape. His amazing small-sized paintings depicting familiar to all, such native and visible faces of the Central Russian nature, amaze not only the workshop with a brush, but only the artist can transfer this special mood that could be transferred to the canvas. Autumn Levitan loved especially, because this time of year is filled with inspiration, light sadness and lyricism. Like many other poets and artists, in it the transparent and cold autumn air aroused a thirst for creativity. Levitan created about a hundred paintings, depicting the types of autumn nature, but perhaps the most famous is the picture "Golden Autumn". Written in 1895, it is distinguished by a special brightness of colors, which is somewhat out of the general range of its autumn landscapes.


Description of Levitan's painting "Golden Autumn"

In the year of writing the artist lived inone nobleman's estate and fell in love with his neighbor. Stormy romance and bright emotional experiences reflected on the canvases created by the artist during this period. The picture "Golden Autumn" is very far from the sad sad pastel images of the autumn nature peculiar to the artist. In the blazing gold landscape, there is an excitement, a sense of boundless happiness, joy, a surge of vitality. In this bright emotionality is the special value and charm of the work.

Golden splashes that adorn the grass and treesbefore the beginning of wilting, is a special unique feature of this season. It was noticed and depicted by many artists, but the picture "Golden Autumn" is special. In it, Levitan only in his own ways harmoniously weaved into the palette and the sunny joy, and the very bright, lyrical sadness of the coming withering.

Over each of his paintings, the artist workedfor a long time and carefully, trying to convey the most subtle and subtle moods of nature that are consonant with nature. Therefore, his paintings make such a strong impression. It would seem that the birches, river, grass, which are customary to all, are depicted so subtly and inspiringly that inevitably evoke a sincere response in the viewer. It was with this artist that Russian painting included such a concept as "landscape of mood".

Description of the picture Golden Autumn

Isaak Levitan masterfully knew how to portray not onlysky, trees, water, grass and fields. His paintings - it is a single, unified artistic image, filled with completely tangible light and air. The picture "Golden Autumn" creates a deep emotional and visual impression, which is difficult to convey, as if this is not a picture, but a lyrical work that is difficult to analyze. In 1896 this painting was exhibited at the exhibition of the Wanderers. P. Tretyakov bought it here for his collection. Since then, the painting is a permanent exhibit of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Description of the painting Levitan
Making a description of the picture "Golden Autumn"each of us is familiar to almost every childhood since the childhood, and before our eyes there are birch-burning birches on the bank of a dark blue river, a cold sky, as if covered with a thin crust of ice, an indescribable feeling of light autumn sadness.