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"Red and black": a summary

The novel "Red and Black" is often called the harbinger of psychological realism. Its author is the French writer Marie-Henri Beyle, better known as Stendhal.

"Red and black": a summary

The events of the novel take place in France in the 1820s. Since the novel deals with social and political problems, a brief summary of "Red and Black" should begin with a description of the historical background. Thus, the work of Stendhal narrates about the reign of Charles X, who tried to restore the order that existed before 1789.

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The City of Veveyre Monsieur de Renal decideshire a tutor. The old cure recommended him Julien Sorel, an 18-year-old son of a carpenter with rare abilities. Julien is very ambitious and ready to do anything to succeed. It should be noted that before the main character throughout the whole novel there is a choice between a church career (clerical clothes were black) and service in the army (officers' uniforms were red), so Stendhal called the novel "Red and Black".

The summary tells that soon his wifeMr. de Renal understands that he loves his tutor. Julien also finds her mistress charming and decides to win her for the sake of self-affirmation and revenge to Mr. de Renal. Soon they become lovers. But when Madame de Renal's son is seriously ill, she thinks that this is a punishment for her sin. Further, the novel "The Red and the Black," whose brief content misses the details, tells of an anonymous letter that reveals to Mr. de Renal the truth about the betrayal of his wife. But she convinces her husband of being innocent, and Julien is forced to leave Veyvier.

The protagonist moves to Besancon and entersSeminary. Here he makes friends with the abbot Pirard. The latter has a powerful patron of the Marquis de La Mole. The aristocrat named by the efforts of Pirard takes Julien to his post as secretary. Further, "Red and Black," whose brief content would be incomplete without social problems, describes the adaptation of Julien in Paris, and in particular, in the aristocratic world. Julien turns into a real dandy. Even Matilda, the daughter of the Marquis, falls in love with him. But after Matilda spends the night with Julien, it decides to break the relationship.

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Julien's acquaintance advises him to start courtingsomeone else, to cause jealousy Matilda. Thus, the proud aristocrat again falls into the embrace of the protagonist. Pregnant, Matilda decides to marry Julien. Upon learning of this, her father is furious, but still submits to her daughter. To somehow remedy the situation, the marquis decides to create a future son-in-law for the corresponding position in society. But suddenly there is a letter from Ms. Renal, describing Julien as a hypocritical careerist. Because of this, he is forced to leave Matilda

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Next, "Red and Black," a brief summarywho can not convey the whole psychology of the novel, tells of the events that took place in Verrieres. Julien comes into the local church and shoots a former mistress. While in prison, he learns that the former lover has survived. Now he understands that he can die peacefully. But Matilda does her best to help him. Despite this, Julien receives a death sentence. In prison he is visited by Madame de Renal and admits that the ill-fated letter was composed by her confessor. After that, Julien realizes that she loves only her, but on the same day he is executed. Matilda personally bury the head of the former bridegroom.

The fate of the main character of the novel "Red and Black" reflects the characteristics of social life in France then. This work is a kind of encyclopedia of the Restoration era.