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How to draw a teddy bear: process

In this article we will discuss how to draw a bearTeddy pencil. Teddy Bear is a teddy bear that has been popular since the 20th century to this day. Teddy bears are, in fact, still very young, compared to their brown brethren - they are a little more than ten years old. Almost every house has these teddy bears, why don't we try to depict them on paper?

Tools and materials

To draw a teddy bear like thisshown below, you will need: a sheet of paper, a simple pencil and an eraser. Also, if your plans include painting a drawing, you will need paints of various colors, a brush and a jar of water. If you have already prepared all this, you can start drawing!

How to draw a teddy bear in stages?

Teddy bear with heart
  • The first step is to portray the head. Draw a circle. Next we draw ears on the head.
  • After at the level of the chin draw a heart.
  • With the help of an eraser gum we remove the line of the chin, which intersects with the heart.
  • Paint on the hand holding the heart, starting from the bottom of the head and ending in the middle of the heart.
  • The second hand is depicted a little higher and more direct.
  • We depict two identical legs below.
  • Go to the face bear. From the middle to the bottom we draw a circle on which we depict the nose and the smile of a bear. Just above we put two bulbs - it will be the eyes.
  • At the very end, when the bear is already finished,We turn to the decoration of the heart: we depict seams along its edges, and in the middle of them we write "I love you", which translates as "I love you." If you wish, you can write something else - your choice.

Here's how to draw a teddy bear with a heart - easy and simple.

Teddy bear with flower

Bear Teddy with a heart you drew, try now to depict a bear with a chamomile.

  • We draw a circle - a head and an oval - a body.
    First step
  • Inside the head we draw a line dividing it intotwo parts - top to bottom. And also one more line from left to right (not from the beginning to the end), we make retreats. We draw these lines in order to make it easier to draw a face. Under the horizontal line draw another one as shown in the photo.
    Second phase
  • Paint on the ears on both sides of the head. Also draw a teddy bear arm and legs.
    The third stage
  • Now let's see how to draw a teddy bear.muzzle Just below the horizontal line drawn earlier on the face we depict an oval, inside which another one is smaller (this will be a spout). On the most horizontal line draw eyes: two semicircles, directed ends down. On the left side we add a patch.

    Fourth stage
  • Remove with the eraser gum alldrawn at the initial stage of the line. Make out beautifully spout. We patch the patch with dashes on each side. We draw a few more stitches, thus showing that the bear is already old, but still beloved, since it is taken care of. We draw semicircles inside the ears in order to give the ears a more realistic shape.
    Fifth stage
  • We remove the extra lines in the figure: for example, the line of the hand that came out on the belly. On the tummy bear we also draw a long seam. On the side draw a patch. And we proceed to drawing a flower: we depict a small stalk and a center, to which we will later need to attach petals.
    Sixth stage
  • Figure almost came to an end. Let's see how to draw a teddy bear flower. We already have a middle stalk and a small stalk; we proceed to the image of the petals. We draw them one after another in a circle, and then add one more space to the space between the two petals so that the daisy seems more voluminous. Also on both legs of the bear we draw stitches, both on the face and tummy.
    Seventh stage

That's it, our teddy bear is ready! Let's make it colorful.

Coloring pictures

To color the bears you paintedTeddy, you will need colors of brown, yellow, green, red, white, and black. All of these colors are basic, so they are most likely you have. Let's get started!

How to draw a teddy bear, we figured out, we now analyze how to color.

The bodies of both cubs are painted brown. Stitches, patches, eyes, brows, spout and outlines along the contour with black paint. In the first picture you need to color the heart. Fill it with red, and the inscription on it can be made, for example, white.

In the second picture we have a daisy. The middle of the flower is painted in yellow, the stalk - in green. Flower petals can be painted with white paint: although it will not be particularly visible, it is better not to leave the details completely unattended. With white paint, the effect will still be better than without it.

That's it, Teddy bears are painted and painted. Now set aside your drawings to make them dry. If you do not like the result, take a piece of paper and try again. Practice - and everything will turn out. Good luck!