/ / A short story, the main characters and their actors: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" - a fantastic series of the late 80's

A short story, the main characters and the actors that played them: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" - a fantastic series of the late 80's

In American serials,famous actors. "Star Trek: The Next Generation", for example, was honored by the presence of Patrick Stewart, the star of the franchise "X-Men". Who else played the main roles in this film, and about what, actually, is it?

A short story of the film and its creators

The creators of the movie "Star Trek: Next generation "moved the screen action to a far future. According to the plot, on the threshold of the 24th century. From now on, flights between galaxies are not a problem. In the outer space, the research ship Enterprise is cruising. In each new series, the crew of the starship is given new tasks, during which the main characters fall into various alterations.

actors star path the next generation
The crew of the Enterprise is Jean-Luc Picard. Every day he and his friends encounter new alien races, fighting for their survival in the vast universe. Also, the main storyline is interpersonal relations in the team of Jean-Luc Picard.

The creator and executive producer of the series -a certain Gene Roddenberry. Gin was a participant in the Second World War. On television came in the 50's. He wrote scripts for a variety of projects, but the "Star Trek" is his most famous work. Roddenberry produced the film from 1987 to 1991, until he died. Then the relay was transferred to other specialists in this field.

Invited actors: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and the hero of Patrick Stewart

The main character of the series "Star Trek" - Jean-LucPicard. Jean-Luc is a French national. He dreamed about the career of the captain of the starship since childhood. His dream came true when, on the second attempt, he entered the Academy of Starfleet.

the star path the next generation of actors
In his youth, there was a complete attack on Picard,as a result of which the heart was seriously damaged. Jean-Luc was replaced by a real organ on the prosthesis. Picard did not quit his profession and after a while became captain of the research vessel Enterprise, on which not just one galaxy flew.

Patrick Stewart owes much to the project "Starway ", as, indeed, other actors involved in it. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" made Patrick's name recognizable not only in theatrical milieu, but also in television. Before the series, Stewart acted in film, but these were little-known projects, and he himself received minor roles.

10 years after the end of the last season"Star Trek", Patrick Stewart played another noteworthy role: the role of Professor Xavier in the franchise "The X-Men." On the set of this project, Stuart had a chance to collaborate with Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry and many other Hollywood stars.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation": actors and roles. Jonathan Freix as William Riker

William Riker for a long time was the first officerstar ship Enterprise. In a certain period of events, William even acted as captain of the ship. A little later this hero left the Enterprise, because he was offered the position of captain of another ship.

starry way the next generation of actors and roles
In the movie "Star Trek: The Next Generation", actors Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Freix actually play colleagues and associates. Frejks, unlike Stewart, is mainly known only for the role of Riker.

Freix, a Harvard graduate, began his career on Broadway. Before
"Star Trek" actor starred in manyserials, but they have already gone into oblivion and no one will even remember their names. The only more or less known project is the historical epic "The North and the South". The main roles in the film were played by Hollywood stars Patrick Swayze, David Carradin, James Reed and Kersti Elli. Jonathan got an episodic character.

Other performers of roles

In the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation", actors Brent Spiner, Levard Barton, Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis played the members of Jean-Luc Picard's team.

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Brent Spiner appeared on the screen in the image of the secondofficer of the Star Ship Enterprise. The hero of the actor was named Date and belonged to the race of androids. Brian Spiner also can be seen in the blockbuster "Independence Day" with Will Smith and "The Phenomenon" with John Travolta.

Levar Barton played the chief engineer of the vessel "Enterparise". Michael Dorn received the role of the chief of the security service Whorf. Marina Sirtis played an adviser to Diana Troy.

Reviews about the show

The highlight of the project, according to viewers,were not actors - "Star Trek: The Next Generation", above all, intrigues the first-class work of the screenwriter. All the details of a fictional universe are thought out to the last detail. In addition, this is not just a fantasy, but science fiction: that is, Gene Roddenberry mixed his fantasies and real scientific achievements into one "cocktail".

It is interesting to observe the prospective future,fantasize together with the creators of the picture on the topic of what races and peoples can live in other galaxies. In addition, there were special effects. Not "Avatar", of course, but for the late 80's everything looks very dignified. The final rating of the series on the IMDb site is 8.6 points out of the possible 10.