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Lera Kondra: biography, figure parameters and personal life (photo)

Lera Kondra - singer, model, talented actressand just a pretty girl. She explains her success by working on herself. The daughter of Olympic champion Vladimir Kondra is confident that any goal is feasible, but for this you need to work hard.

The beginning of the creative path

lera condra

May 27, 1985 in the family of Olympic champion Vladimir Kondra (volleyball) appeared daughter.

Lera Kondra, whose biography interests manyadmirers of the Russian beauty, often changed their place of residence. At the age of 17, she secretly began working as a model in Moscow. Parents did not know about this hobby of the daughter. But she was able to independently start a modeling career in a large metropolis.

Lera since childhood wanted to become an actress. For her, has always been a tempting model business. Therefore, she decided not to stop there and began to participate in various castings. Soon she was offered to sign a contract with a modeling agency. Delighted Lera, without hesitation, agreed. So she first saw Paris, and then went to London.

In 2003, she entered the RUDN faculty of journalism, which she successfully graduated from in 2009. The future actress received the qualification of a journalist with the title of "master".

TV career

At the end of the RUDN the girl decided to try herselfin the role of TV presenter. So, in 2009, Lera began to start the TV program “I am a traveler”, which was broadcast on REN TV channel. A year later, the beauty became the leading Russian Street Awards.

2011: Lera Kondra is the co-host of the Personal Trainer program. In the same year, the girl becomes the leading TV program Top SEXY on the channel Music Box.

In early 2013, Lera becomes the presenter of the program “The Right to Love”, which goes on the CTC channel.

Career of the actress

The sexy model has always dreamed of trying herself as an actress. And she did it. The girl began to take an active part in the filming of clips, and soon she was offered a role in a movie.

  • In 2008, Lera shot for the clip “Make a Step” by Irakli.
  • In 2009, the aspiring actress was invited to shoot in the clip “Cold” Slim. In the same year, she appeared in two more clips: “Maple” (Ptaha feat. Noggano, Tati, Tato) and “For her” (Guf).
  • In 2010, the girl was offered to play a role in the film “Love in the big city 2”, and in 2012 she starred in the movie “Rzhevsky vs. Napoleon”.

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Singer career

In 2010, the clip "Around the Earth" was shot by Heraclius andLera Kondra. The biography of the actress from that moment began to attract particular attention. This clip was the debut work in Lera's career. Movie bypassed many music channels. The joint composition has long been in the rotation of "Europe Plus", "Hit Fm", "Russian Radio" and other radio stations. On Ello (YouTube channel) the number of clip views exceeded 500 thousand.

In 2011, another debut work took place.Lera - “Barman Sasha” - but already in solo performance. The video quickly gained popularity and began to be broadcast on Russian music channels. The director of this solo work was Sergey Tkachenko.

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In the same year, on the music channels beganbroadcast another wedge Kondra - "Compass", the shooting of which took place in Los Angeles. Its director was the famous Russian clip-maker Vlad Opelyants.

In 2012, the Internet blew up Lera's new musical composition - “This is not true”. The famous actor Konstantin Kryukov took part in it.

Career Model

Lera Kondra actively removed for glossy magazines. The girl has a perfect figure and excellent external data. Each image of the model is beautiful, harmonious and sexy.

The girl admits that work in the modelbusiness requires moral stability and constant work on yourself. According to Lera, some designers treat models as interior items. And many girls get used to this state of affairs. But not Kondra. She feels great potential in herself; besides, she is an individual and a graduate. The model was able to achieve respect for themselves. Each of her photos in a glossy magazine has a signature: first name and surname. In many periodicals, you can not only see beautiful photos of a TV presenter, but also read interviews with her participation.

TV host options

Lera Kondra and Guf broke up
In 2010, the model entered the list of “100 mostbeautiful girls of the planet. " What is not surprising, because our compatriot has not only a spectacular appearance, but also the ideal parameters of the figure. Lera Kondra, growth which is 176 cm, weighs about 52 kg.

The girl admits that she strictly controls herweight and always looks after appearance. In an interview, Lera shared some secrets about skin care. Day make-up model removes cosmetic milk, and then uses a gel for washing.

Lera prefers hypoallergenic cosmetics, which is suitable for her sensitive skin.

To maintain the perfect figure, the TV presenter chooses separate meals, does not eat sweets and flour. The girl tries to eat more vegetables, fruits, yoghurts and dairy products.

Personal life

Here is what is said about the marriage of Lera Kondra: “A husband must be alone and for life. I will marry only when I am confident in a man and want to give birth to a child from him ... ” TV presenter claims that for her there is no ideal man. In a partner, she wants to feel, above all, a soul mate.

In 2013, the press reported thatAlexey Dolmatov and Lera Kondra began dating. In the summer of this year, the famous rapper left his wife Isa, with whom he lived 10 years in official marriage, and began to live with a model. The magazine repeatedly appeared photos of a loving couple. But Isa continued to fight for her husband and did not want to let him go into the arms of a sexy TV presenter.

 Alexey Dolmatov and Lera Kondra

But later it turned out that the ex-wife Dolmatovarecovered from the experiences and spun the affair with Evgeny Piltsev. Fans of the presenter sighed with relief: now no one will interfere with Alexey and Lera’s happiness. But recently, in the model's blog, information appeared that Lera Kondra and Guf parted. The reason for the separation of the star pair is unknown. But there are rumors that the rapper wants to improve relations with his ex-wife and return to the family again.

Model life - constant stress

TV presenter is recognized that often exposednervous breakdowns and stress. Work model requires good moral hardening. To cope with the depressive state, Lera uses sedatives and herbal remedies.

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The model says that when it occursmental crisis, she needs a person who can morally support and pull out of her routine difficulties, explaining that the problems are not as terrible as they seem at first glance.

In an interview, Lera has repeatedly told her thatI had to make sacrifices for the sake of successful shooting. The TV presenter often froze in the cold air, wearing uncomfortable shoes, dresses and other clothes. But each model should be ready for such situations. It is necessary to cultivate professionalism, willpower and moral stability. However, the modeling business should not cost much sacrifice. So says Lera Kondra.

Girls dreaming of becoming an actress orprofessional model, TV presenter advises patience. She encourages young talents to constantly work on themselves, not to deviate from their goals, believe in themselves and listen to their desires.

“You need to trust your intuition and gradually pave the way to the cherished dream. In this case, you can reach the desired heights ... "This is her motto.