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The best cartoons about helicopters and airplanes: list

It is difficult to imagine a boy whoabsolutely do not like cartoons about helicopters and airplanes. The main characters of such animated tapes can become both different types of air transport, and the pilots who control them. Characters in the air and on the ground are always waiting for exciting adventures, which will be enjoyed by kids and older children. What kind of animated pictures belonging to this category, you can call the most interesting?

The best developing cartoons about helicopters and airplanes

Flying technique most kids startinterested in the first years of life. Developing cartoons about helicopters and airplanes help satisfy the curiosity of the child and provide him with new information. The smallest such animation tapes will tell about the existing types of air transport. Older children are able to disclose the technical aspects of the operation of aircraft.

cartoons about helicopters and airplanes

Multiseries cartoon «Weekdays airport»,created by the TV channel "Teremok TV", is ideal for kids up to 6 years old. The main character of the developing animation tape is the Winky airplane, dreaming to fly around the entire planet. Together with it, children will be able to reveal for themselves the veil of the mysterious world in which air transport resides, get acquainted with its varieties and principles of work.

There are other quality cartoons abouthelicopters and airplanes, not only entertaining, but also teaching children. For example, a lot of new information will provide children up to 3 years of animation strip-coloring "Karapuzia." Kids will learn to distinguish a missile from an airship, while mastering the basic colors in parallel.

Disney Studio

Cartoons about helicopters and airplanes produce andthe famous studio "Disney", whose colorful creations have no competitors for many decades. It is necessary to introduce children to such a wonderful work by this company as the "Mad Airplane". It is in him in the role of the protagonist for the first time the famous Mickey Mouse. He personally creates the aircraft and flies to the brainchild of his hands on a round-the-world trip, capturing the faithful friend of Minnie.

cartoons about cars helicopters and airplanes

Deserves attention and "Donald -test pilot ". This cartoon about planes and helicopters for little ones tells the story of the adventures of Donald Duck's duckling. The hero loves to fly, but once his air transport is stealing a brave chipmunk Dale. Will Donald be able to return his favorite aircraft and again indulge in an exciting hobby?

"Aircraft" is another wonderful workstudio "Disney", which saw the light in 2013. The central character of the story is Dusty's small airplane, which is distinguished by modesty and clumsiness. Of course, the hero dreams of his transformation into an irresistible liner, plowing the sky with the speed of lightning. Continuation of the story was the animation tape "Aircraft: Fire and Water", which also gained popularity.

Cartoon "Aerotachki"

Above are listed not all worthyattention to the history of the adventures of air transport. Enumerating fascinating animated cartoons about helicopters and airplanes, it is impossible to forget "Aerotachki". The animation tape is presented to the audience in 2012, dedicated to the events taking place in the life of the main character Tinny. A small airplane that joined a friendly team can not win the respect of its other participants.

developing cartoons about helicopters and airplanes

Once Tinney has the opportunity to prove his own courage. To do this, he only needs to get his friends out of a difficult situation, which they fall into as a result of a fire that has burned in the mine.

Russian cartoons

Not only foreign studios are able to producefascinating animated cartoons about helicopters and airplanes. Animation tape "From the screw" was created in Russia, however, from the point of view of fascination, it is in no way inferior to American products. The plot of the cartoon covers the events taking place in the world of brave racing planes. Spectators will get acquainted with courageous heroes, easily coping with failures.

cartoon about airplanes and helicopters for small children

Excellent cartoons, dedicated to the "air theme"were made in Soviet times. For example, it is worth remembering the old animation tape "Airplane", the main heroes of which were aircraft. The cartoon tells not only about aerial technology, but also about friendship. Exciting adventures in the sky and on the earth are attached.

What else to see

What other cartoons about cars, helicopters andairplanes are able to please children? The French animated series "Jet Grove" deserves to be watched. After watching it, the guys will learn interesting details about the everyday life of pilots. The action takes place on an airplane owned by the powerful businessman Kraun. The crew of an air ship constantly gets into difficult situations, with brilliance comes out of them.

The kids will like the animated cartoon "Badji - bravehelicopter ". The protagonist lives on the territory of the airfield, is forced to work from morning till night. Brighten the everyday life of a small helicopter Badzhi only his devoted comrades.

This is how the most fascinating animation tapes look, in which air transport appears.