/ / "Behind the Showcase of a Department Store" - actors and features of the film

"Behind the Showcase of a Department Store" - actors and features of the film

Today we will talk about the movie "Behind the Storefront". Actors and roles are presented below. It's about the film in 1956. The tape combines the genres of comedy and melodrama. The director was S. Samsonov.


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First, we discuss the plot of the film "Behind the Showcasedepartment store ". Actors will be presented further. The main character is Mikhail Krylov. He is the head of the finished dress section. Mikhail Ivanovich comes into conflict with Anna Andreeva, director of the garment factory. To it, he has very well-reasoned claims for tailoring products. Irritation soon turns into mutual sympathy. Anna even saves the hero from trouble when mysteriously the costumes continue to disappear.

Key players

The head of Mikhail Krylov and Anna Andreevna Andreeva are the main characters in the movie "Behind the Showcase of a Department Store." Actors Ivan Dmitriev and N. Medvedev played these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Ivan Dmitriev was born in 1915., On July 30, in Grozny. People's Artist of the USSR. In Vyshny Volochke he graduated from the seven-year school. He joined the auxiliary staff of the city theater. He continued his education. He studied at the Ostrovsky Leningrad Theatrical Institute. He became a graduate of the acting class of St. George's. He played in the Leningrad Comedy Theater. He served in the Soviet Navy. He was an actor in the theater of the fleet. Was on the peninsula of Hanko. Took part in the battles held there.

Natalia Medvedeva was born in 1915., December 18, in St. Petersburg. Her mother was an actress. Pavel Nikolayevich Medvedev - father of Natalia - professor of literature. For a long time served as chairman of the Writers' Union. In 1936 the father of the actress was repressed, and in 1937 was shot. His rehabilitation occurred in 1957, before that Natalia Pavlovna had the status of a daughter of the "enemy of the people". She was educated at the theatrical institute, in the studio of Leonid Sergeyevich Vivien. I finished the last year at the Serdlovsky Theater School, in the evacuation. She studied in Alexey Popov's studio.

Микаэла Дроздовская has played the seller to Julia Petrovu. This actress was born in 1937, March 10.

Other heroes

for the showcase of the department store actors and roles
Komsomol Slava Sidorkin and Sonia Bozhko are two memorable images of the movie "Behind the Storefront". Actors Oleg Anofriev and S. Druzhinin performed these roles.

Anatoly Kuznetsov embodied the image of lieutenant of militia Semen Nikolaevich Malyutkin.

Sergei Antonovich Efimov and Nina Nikolaevna also appear in the plot of the film "Behind the Storefront of the Department Store." Actors Georgy Shamshurin and V. Dancheva performed these roles.

Boris Tenin played Yegor Petrovich Bozhko - Sonya's father.