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The book "Call of the Ancestors": a summary

Read the full "Call of the Ancestors"! The summary is a surrogate, a pathetic forgery. It's as if you ate a sandwich with margarine instead of bread with butter and cheese. Without stopping, for three hours you will read "Call of the Ancestors"! The summary does not give a vivid idea of ​​this amazing work. It will only outline the general outline of the story. Having given such recommendations, the author suggests nevertheless to get acquainted with a history which Jack London so improbably retold, - "Call of ancestors". The summary of the chapters (there are only seven) will give a general idea of ​​it, and then you will certainly read the whole work.

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The collapse of Beck's life

A cross between St. Bernard and a sheepdog, large muscularThe back with dense wool lived like the king and patron of the family of Judge Miller. In the evenings, he lay by the fire and looked at the fire, and in the daytime with the judges' sons went hunting, or walked around the neighborhood with his daughters, played with the grandchildren of the master. Here he was born and lived for four years.

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But the gold diggers were drawn to the Klondike, andLarge, muscular dogs were required that could pull heavy sleds and not freeze. Beck was betrayed by the assistant gardener. He seemed to lead him to walk, when no one saw, and sold it to the reseller.


He tightened the hammer at the neck of the dog, beat her anddragged into the car. Later he put in a cage. Two days before the train arrived at the terminal station, the dog was not fed or watered. He was brought to the "trainer" who brutally beaten the dog with a truncheon, so that he could not get up, and blood was flowing from his ears, nose and mouth. The dog lay motionless, and the torturer approached her and struck with all his might with the same club in the face. Beck quickly learned what a club is, especially since they brought more and more new dogs, and all of them were beaten as humbly. He understood, in whose hands the power, but the proud spirit in him was not broken. He just became more cautious. Finally he was bought and taken away in the hold of the steamer far north, where he first saw the snow.

Chapter Two: Mail Transport

Quiet life under the sun of the south forever ended. On the shore, flocks of dogs fought to death until they were beaten by drivers.

ancestral call
Leader Spitz under the noise ripped up the good-naturedNewfoundland. From that moment Beck's hatred for the leader arose. So describes the primordial life of Jack London. The novel "Call of the Ancestors", the brief content of which we set out, begins to develop rapidly, and we will see how quickly Beck turns from good-natured into a cautious and dangerous dog.

He was harnessed and harnessed to sledges. In the beginning there was a teaching. For the wrong behavior, he received a bite from the leader or a whip from the driver. For one day, Beck quickly learned everything. Night came. All around the snow, and there is not a single dog, they do not let me into the tent. Accidentally, Beck came across a hole dug by another dog. Frozen, he dug himself a cozy nest and soon fell asleep in the heat. Severely began the study of the domestic dog, as it showed first Jack London.

"Call of the Ancestors", the summary of which is the themeour article, says that work in the harness has even captured Beck with his passion. The second thing he learned is to eat quickly, so that he does not steal food. Now he himself knows how to steal a piece, while none of the drivers can see, because food is life. The novel "The Call of the Ancestors", the brief content of which we retell, shows how Beck is gradually becoming wild.

Chapter Three: Beck Primacy

Between the leader Spitz and Beck graduallya deadly war broke out. Spitz dared to occupy the hole that Back had dug for himself. But the fight stops, as a pack of hungry dogs flew into the camp. The aliens are chased away, but Beck is trying to undermine the leadership of Spitz. A pack of sled dogs is getting worse and worse. Once, a hare ran past the camp. Hungry dogs rushed after him.

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Spitz trick caught prey. Away from the drivers, the struggle is burning not for life, but for death. The whole pack watches as Beck first bites his back paw to the leader, and then the front paw. The dogs finished the fallen Spitz and returned to the camp without him. The Call of the Ancestors, a brief summary of which we set out, shows changes in Beck's mind: he forgot what an honest fight is, he gradually becomes a dangerous and cunning beast.

Chapter Four: the new owner

Beck is firmly seeking from the drivers to put him as a leader, and then quickly makes all the dogs work with full stress. The run is done in record time.

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Drivers with tears, but sell Beck. With heavy luggage pull the bunks of the dog from the new owner. Most of all now loves to look at the fire fire. He sees in the play of the flame a man clothed with skins, with a beveled forehead, who is afraid of everything and sniffs and looks at everything. Ancient instincts fall in Beck.

Chapter Five: Dramatic

Beck got to random people. They do not know how to control the dogs, they do not know how to calculate the route, they overload the sledges, exhaust the dogs completely and end up in the spring, when thin ice is just about to break by the river. They stop at the camp of John Thornton, who advises them to stop. But these clever people don't need advice. They will go at any cost. Beck refuses to get into a team. The owner wants to cut his life. But Beck stands up for John Thornton. The dog remains on the shore, and the whole team with people and dogs drowns before their eyes.

Chapter Six: First Love

New owner cares for exhausted exhausteda dog Soon in Beck devotion to the savior and master wakes up. He lies at his feet, walks with him on the hunt, madly in love when the owner talks to him, resting his forehead on Beck.

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A dog simply cannot imagine life without a master. When John’s companions return to the camp, he simply does not pay attention to them. In the fall, the boat in which Thornton sails, turns over and John begins to sink. All the rest at this time on the beach. A rope is tied to Beck. He rushes into a turbulent stream, with powerful strokes swims up to the owner and swims with him to the shore. In the winter at Dawson, he wins the bet. According to the conditions, it is necessary to move the frozen sledges weighing 500 kg and walk 100 yards with them. Back managed and brought John 1600 dollars.

Chapter Seven: The Tragic

John and his comrades went easta legendary placer of gold. They found an extensive placer in the valley of the river and constantly wash the golden sand. Now they will be rich and independent. The back and the other dogs are free. He runs every day to hunt. The dog was already accustomed to the fresh raw meat he had harvested. Increasingly, he dreams of a wild life with a strange man. One night, he hears a howl and goes to this call, which he, too, already dreamed of. The skinny wolf was frightened when he saw a large dog, but realizing that she had friendly intentions, he sniffed. Side by side they run through the forest. But Beck remembers John and returns to the camp. Back continues to hunt. He copes not only with small game, but also with a bear, but invariably returns to John. For four days he was chasing a deer leader.

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He exhausted himself, but drove a deer. After eating and resting, Beck returns to the camp. He is anxious. He feels misfortune and strange smells. Near the camp, he first sees the dead dogs, then the dead comrades John. The Indians who defeated the small camp, danced at the remnants of the hut. The rage with which Beck attacked all stunned. People huddled together and the dog tore them up. They shot, but they got into each other. Finally they began to run away.

Beck went to look for the owner. Traces of John led to the pond, and did not return back. Beck realized that John was no more. We finish the description of the work “The Call of the Ancestors”. The summary, described in chapters, leaves no room for doubt: people for Beck no longer mean anything. He finds a wolf pack and becomes the leader. Ikhety Indians noticed how the suit of wolves in their edges began to change. And the most terrible thing is that a huge Evil Spirit settled in their lands.

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He walks at the head of the wolf pack. He is cunning: he steals prey from traps, in the winter he steals stocks of Indians, tears up their dogs and does not fear hunters. Sometimes the Indian went hunting and never returned. He was found with a gnawed throat. And next were the traces of huge paws. The ihetae valley was bypassed. A huge wolf runs here, he sits for a long time, and then he howls long and sadly.

Jack London, "Call of the Ancestors": reader reviews

Extensive reviews of people who first reada story about animals, more precisely about a dog. They apparently never kept the dogs, and they were struck by the loyalty and loyalty of the dog, which gradually turned into a wild animal, but retained the love of the owner. This is a very strong story - “Call of the Ancestors”. Reviews of readers are full of emotional experiences. No one was indifferent. Draws a natural beginning in every living thing, be it a man or an animal, Jack London. "Call of the Ancestors" reviews is very emotional. Everyone is very sympathetic to Beck, who is faced with a tough question - or you will be clever and clever and survive, or die.

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Therefore, the call of the ancestors wakes up in it. Reviews of the book speak about the author as a word master, which is easy, so read in one breath, describes the difficult path of Beck's dog, towards which everyone has compassion. How hard it was for him at the beginning, how many beatings a proud and intelligent animal endured. What a cruel avenger for the destroyers of his beloved master was Beck. Everyone warmly recommends reading this story. Some readers wonder why this work belongs to children's literature. It is intended for people of all ages, whose soul has not hardened.