/ / Biography of Nekrasov. Briefly about the stages of the life path

Biography of Nekrasov. Briefly about the stages of the life path

In the city of Nemyriv, Vinnytsia region in 1821 inNovember 28, the future Russian poet and literary figure Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov was born. His father was a military man, who later left service and settled in his ancestral estate in the village of Greshnevo (now it is called Nekrasovo). Mother, the daughter of wealthy parents, married against their will.


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Biography Nekrasov, briefly stopping at hissays that they were not particularly happy. My father was a tough and even cruel person. The boy was sorry for his mother and through his whole life carried the image of a Russian woman, sympathizing with her hard share. At the same time, watching the hard peasant life with his own eyes, Nekrasov was filled with the cares and burdens of his father's serfs.

School years

In 1832, the future poet was given to the Yaroslavlgymnasium. Nekrasov's biography briefly describes this period because the boy quickly finished his education, barely reaching the fifth grade. In part, this was due to problems with studies, in part because of a conflict with the leadership of the gymnasium on the basis of the satirical poems of a young poet.


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Being a military man in the past, my father had the samecareer and his son. Therefore Nekrasov goes to St. Petersburg to enter the service of the Nobility Regiment. But this was not destined to happen. Meeting with a gymnasium friend turned his fate. He, in spite of his father's threats to leave him without a penny of money, is trying to enter the university. The attempt was not crowned with success, and Nekrasov became an auditor at the philological faculty.

Three years of deprivation (1838 - 1841), a hungry ration, communication with beggars - this is the whole biography of Nekrasov. In short, this period can be described as years of need and deprivation.

Literary activity and the first test of the pen

Gradually the business of Nekrasov began to improve. Articles in newspapers, essays for popular publications, the writing of vaudevilles under the name of Perepelsky allowed the poet to put together some savings that were launched to produce a small collection of poems called "Dreams and Sounds." The opinions of the critics were contradictory: Nekrasov's biography briefly mentions Zhukovsky's supportive reviews and the negligent Belinsky. It was so vulnerable to the poet that he bought up editions of his poems to destroy them.

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Collaboration with the magazine "Otechestvennyenotes, "the acquisition of" Contemporary "in 1846 is the entire biography of Nekrasov as a literary figure. Belinsky, having become better acquainted with the young poet, appreciated him with dignity and contributed a lot to Nekrasov's success in the field of publishing. In 1948, despite the reactionary tendencies, Sovremennik was the best and most popular magazine of that time.

In the mid-fifties, writer Nekrasov,whose biography was overshadowed by a serious illness, leaves for Italy to restore health. Returning to his homeland, he is pouring himself into the social life with renewed vigor. Surrendering to the impetuous flow of forward movement, dealing with Dobrolyubov and Chernyshevsky, Nekrasov tries on the role of the poet-citizen and adheres to these views until his death.

In 1877, on December 27, after a prolongedNekrasov's illness was gone. He was buried in the territory of the Novodevichy Monastery, accompanied by thousands of people, which was the first national recognition of his work.