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"Oblomov's Dream", a summary

Oblomov from the novel of the same name. Goncharova - the embodiment of philistine way of life. It is a young man, a landowner, leading a "contemplative" way of life, which implies perfect inaction. The hero is burdened by this state of affairs, however,

Oblomov's dream
with himself he is not capable. In the first part of the novel, in Chapter 9, the author tells about the formation of the worldview of Oblomov, about his ideals of life. The chapter is called "Oblomov's Dream", its brief content is as follows: Ilya Ilyich fell asleep, and in his dream episodes of a distant childhood: the native estate, the village of Oblomovka. The village was located in the wilderness, the nearest town was about twenty versts, and therefore the Oblomovs were strangers to all kinds of progress, for centuries people lived in a patriarchal order, seriously believed in signs and fairy tales. Life flowed sleepily, in its turn, the peasants lived carefree, like children, not striving for anything, and did not know and did not want another life.

The owner of the estate, Oblomov Sr., was no different from his serfs, he was lazy and listless. His daily activities are walking or sitting by the window. All the interests of the family -

a brief summary of Oblomov's dream
delicious to eat and sleep soundly, during breaksleisurely doing household chores. Parents forbade Ilyusha to engage in any business himself, which subsequently formed in him the ineradicable character trait with which Oblomov fought without result-laziness. In the parental home, they did not attach any importance to the education and education of the heir, Oblomov went reluctantly to school, his closest friend helped him to do his homework, Andrei Shtolts, the teacher's son.

"Sleep of Oblomov," a summary of whichgiven above, is an ironic description of "paradise on Earth." In this chapter, the author mercilessly ridicules the self-satisfied, inactive way of life of the majority of the landlords of that time.

At the same time Goncharov portrayed his heroby no means a negative character. The author's attitude toward him, of course, is sharp in places, but at the same time pitiful. Oblomov had all the makings for the development of an active and educated personality. In the chapter "The Sleep of Oblomov," a brief summary of this, it is mentioned that Ilya Ilyich, as a child, was a very curious child, with a poetic mindset, but parenting

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ruined in him all the talents given by nature andIt left only the opportunity to observe the whirlpool of life events from a comfortable sofa. The real life of the hero can be described by the same words from the chapter "The Sleep of Oblomov." The text, a summary of which is given above, completely characterizes the way of life of the adult Ilyusha, only the place of action has changed. He repeatedly made attempts to change his character, overcome apathy, do self-education, but all his intentions remained the same. The ordered books lay on the shelves, never open, the purity of the room depended entirely on Zakhar's servant, the visit to his native Oblomovka was postponed indefinitely.

"Oblomov's Dream", the summary of which givesthe idea of ​​the atmosphere surrounding the little boy, many critics consider the novel's overture, since in this chapter the entire future life of the protagonist is briefly described, it is impossible to even imagine his other fate. Unlike sleep, Oblomov's death is described in the novel sparingly, probably because the worst thing in his life has already happened. It was not even death, but only the end of existence, "as if one day forgot to get a watch."

Summary "The Sleep of Oblomov" describes usstages of development of a defective individual, shows one of numerous examples of how an unfavorable environment ruins the best human qualities on the vine.