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Samoylova Galina: Biography and Creativity

In this material, your attention will be presented to Samoilova Galina - the Soviet and Russian actress of cinema and theater. She was born in 1962, on December 5.

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So, first we'll look at how the early years passedan actress named Samoylova Galina. Her biography began in Lipetsk. It was in this city that she was born. In 1985 she was trained in GITIS named after Lunacharsky. I was engaged in the workshop of Lydia Knyazeva and Irina Sudakova.

Samoylova Galina played on the stage of the MoscowTheater named after Pushkin. She performed her most large-scale roles in the productions of "The Scream" by V. Merezhko, "The People's Malachi" by M. Kulish and "Eurydice" by J. Anouil. Since 1983, Samoylova Galina has acted in film. She played the main roles in a lyrical comedy called "Near You" and the melodrama "Grooms".

In 1995, in April, she together with her husbandVadim Ledogorov, who is also an actor, and Nikita's son went to New Zealand. The family began to live in a new country for themselves. The second son was born here. He was called Alexander. In New Zealand, most of the time, the actress paid to raise children. However, she did not part with professional activities. In Oakland, she acted as the creator of the Russian Youth Cultural Center. His activities are aimed at preserving the Russian language, as well as developing creative abilities. With him operates the Literary and Drama Studio of the Ice Hammers and a children's theater called "Fantasers". In 2008, she organized the Days of Russian Cinema in Oakland.

Previously, in the period from 1997 to 2010, participated in the projects of the literary theater, held on the radio "Yaroslavna." Since 2010 he has been publishing the cultural Russian newsletter "Rodnik".

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Film and TV

In 1983, Samoilova Galina starred in the episodepaintings "Lethargy". In 1985 she played Christina in the movie "Grooms" and took part in the episode of the tape "Do not go, girls, get married." In 1986, the screen came out with the picture "Near You" with the participation of an actress in the image of Löhli. In 1987 she played the passer-by in the film "Where is the nofelet?", And in 1989 she participated in the episode of the paintings "Gu-ga" and "The Criminal Quartet". Then there was the role of Galina Silantieva in the tape "Under the Dome of the Circus". Appeared in the image of Zoe in the film "Quench My Sorrows."

Galina's self-styled Soviet and Russian actress

Other types of creativity

First, let's talk about the main performances, inwhich participated Samoylova Galina. The actress played Alyonushka in the production of "The Scarlet Flower" by S. Aksakov's work. In the role of Tamara took part in the play "Scream" V. Merezhko. Love played in the production of "People's Malachi" N. Kulish. It embodied the image of the miller's daughter in the play "Betrothal", created on the basis of the work of M. Maeterlinck. Played Ell in the production "I'm a Woman" by V. Merezhko. She worked on the play "The Bastards" by Y. Glovatsky. Played Marfush and Katenka in the production of A. Chervinsky "From the flame and light." In the image of Eurydice participated in the play "At the very edge of the night" Zh. Anuy. Played the lord of Alba in the production of "One of the last evenings of the carnival" K. Goldoni.

The creative activity of Samoylova Galinaspread not only to the cinema and the stage. The actress also participated in radio shows. In 1993 she played Anfisa in The Adventures of Balzaminov by Ostrovsky. In 1994, she embodied the image of Don Dolores in Turgenev's "Carelessness".

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Activity of an actress abroad

Separately, you should talk about activitiesactress Galina Samoilova in New Zealand. In 1999, she was the host of the evening "200 years of AS Pushkin." In 2001 she played Lukeryu in The Meek by F. Dostoyevsky. In 2002 she acted as the director of a performance based on the fables of Krylov, entitled "Let's laugh at ourselves". In 2002 she worked on the production of "The Snow Queen" based on the work of E. Schwartz. In 2003 she played Natalia Stepanovna in the play "Proposal" based on the work of A. Chekhov. Next was the role of Elena Ivanovna Popova in the production of "The Bear". Also in New Zealand, the actress participated in the following productions:

  • "Two maples,
  • "Festive sleep before lunch,
  • "About Fedot the archer-a striking young man"
  • "For what you will go, you will find"
  • "Cinderella",
  • "My life, or you dreamed me,
  • "The daughter of a Russian actor,
  • "Little Red Riding Hood",
  • "My Happiness",
  • "12 months",
  • "Mowgli",
  • Valentin and Valentina,
  • «Thumbelina»,
  • "Baby and Carlson,
  • "Do not leave me",
  • "The Scarlet Flower",
  • "To every kitten of faithful friends"
  • "A lot of good people and one envious person"
  • "Old New Year",
  • "New Year's wonders or Baba Yaga against,
  • "About the cat and about love."

Now you know who is Samoilova Galina. Photos of the actress are attached to this material.