/ / "Oh, this Nastya!": Actors and features of the film

"Oh, this Nastya!": Actors and features of the film

Today we will talk about the film "Oh, this Nastya". Actors and roles are presented below. It's about the artistic film of Yu. Pobedonostsev. He was removed in 1971 at the Gorky film studio.


We will discuss the plot of the film "Oh, this Nastya!". Actors will be presented further. The main character is Nastya. The class teacher, whose name is Mariana Borisovna, and also the sister of Sveta and some guys think that the girl is telling a lie, and she needs to stop telling fictitious stories and handing them out for what happened in reality.

Oh, this Nastya actors

Nastya told her classmates about friendship with the panther. She said that her mother went to the unusually beautiful city of Aeolis, which is not on maps.

Key players

Nastya Ryabinina and Lyuba Sitnikova are the main characters in the film "Oh, this Nastya!". Actors Irina Volkova and Tatiana Nevskaya performed these roles. Let's talk more about the first.

Irina Vladimirovna Volkova is a Soviet actress. I remembered the audience for my role in the film "Oh, this Nastya!". Also played Nadya in the movie "Not a word about football." Comes from a family of land surveyors. Since 4 years I attended gymnastics section. In ten years she was selected by the staff of the Gorky film studio for samples in the film "Oh, this Nastya!". 250 girls were invited. Five of them reached the screen test. As a result, Irina was confirmed for the role.

Oh, this Nastya actors and roles

Virtually all scenes in which participatedactress, filmed from the first take. After the painting the girl became popular, she was sent letters with bags even from abroad. The participation in the film almost did not affect the name of the newly born sister of the actress. They wanted to call her Nastya. However, it was decided to draw lots. As a result, she got the name Olga. The girl, as well as her parents about the future of film career did not think. The young actress began attending a special school. Loads have increased. After that I had to give up gymnastics.

In the picture "Not a word about football" the girl gotaccidentally. The actress, who was approved for the main role, refused her. Parents had to persuade Irina to take part in the film. This was the last film in the film career of the actress. Mother decided not to give her daughter to this profession. Irina entered the Institute of Steel and Alloys and graduated with honors. Even in my childhood I met with Vladimir - the future husband.

In the film, Sergei Kuskov played Edik Syroegin.

Other heroes

Mom Nastya and Sasha Zharikov - very remarkableimages presented in the film "Oh, this Nastya!". The actors of N. Arkhipov and A. Kharitonov performed these roles. Natalya Gvozdikova played Sveta - Nastya's older sister. The teacher Maryana Borisovna and Olga also appear in the plot of the film "Oh, this Nastya!".

the film actors oh this Nastya

Actors Svetlana Kotikova and Natalia Egorovaplayed these roles. Marina Salnikova also starred in this picture. Actors of the film "Oh, this Nastya!" E. Gabrielova and Sergei Prokhanov played a gymnastics coach Lyudmila Alekseevna and a counselor. In addition, the following actors took part in the film: Sasha Avayev, Lena Ramazanova, Dima Nikologorsky, Marina Grebennikova, Tanya and Olya Vysheslavtsevy, Lena Pazyuk, Marina Gurevich, Nadia Ushnichkova, Lena Trifonova, Tanya Funtashova, Marina Ruzhnikova.