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NA Nekrasov "Blessed is the gentle man of poetry". Analysis of the poem

Reflecting on the role of the writer inNikolay Nekrasov in 1852 created his brilliant poem "Blessed is the gentle man of poet", dedicated to his anniversary of the death of Gogol, whose name in this work is not specifically mentioned, since he was then in disgrace. Nekrasov, however, was convinced that Russia had once again lost another great Russian class whose contribution to literature had yet to be assessed by its descendants.

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NA Nekrasov "Blessed is the gentle man of poetry". Analysis

The author very clearly notices that the poet is nota profession and not even a vocation. If this true poetic gift is given to a man from God, then he does not conceal it and can not remain silent. But the real poets can only be those few who did not work for the sake of praise and glory. Others who worked exclusively for the sake of profit, their contemporaries already erected monuments during their lifetime and, curiously, supported them in every possible way, as they did not annoy and did not talk about the pressing problems. Such poets bathed in the rays of their own glory, and they were even, to some extent, allowed to control the crowd, forcing it to think and worry about what would be commanded from above.

Truly blessed is the gentle poet. The analysis of the poem sums up that with the death of one of these frivolous poets, all of his creations will very soon be forgotten by contemporaries and will not be remembered by descendants because of emptiness and uninteresting, since they will not feel any reflection and struggle for those same human values ​​and priorities, which are based on the life of society.

blissful gentle poet analysis
Crowd Reaver

But the type of poets, who is not so accommodating and strongspirit, never stops and, consequently, becomes very uncomfortable for the powerful of this world. They, like the conscience of the people, will always notice the existing injustice, deception and hypocrisy, all sorts of public atrocities and will directly tell about the urgent problems, will make a critical and harsh criticism.

It is about this literally screams in his work "Blessed mild-mannered poet" Nekrasov.

True poets will not please anyone, and from theirsarcasm will be impossible to hide. Those who see their reflection in these works, will condemn and scold them. It is such a reaction and will indicate that the author was able to touch the human soul for the sick and reveal the true causes of the disease. And the manifestation of such negative emotions, real and living, will be better than the flattering praises of the first type poets.

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Ungrateful Poetic Truth

Usually the works of poets-rebels are full ofsarcasm, by the way, like the poem "Blessed is the gentle man of poet". They tear off, albeit bitter, but the truth, turning their attention to all the human vices of society. However, instead of working on oneself, people analyze themselves and engage in further self-improvement, people begin to be angry. For them, harassment and hatred of the author become almost the meaning of their entire life. After all, in their opinion, the author passes all the limits of what is permitted, breaking their peace.

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Poem "Blessed is the gentle poet". Nekrasov

Poet Nekrasov writes that the fate of a gentle poetit's easy, everyone recognizes and accepts it, but the question arises: "Is he pleased with his fate, is he enjoying such a praise for human beings that he deserves only by his submission and helpfulness?" But it immediately adds that after his death, his works will disappear, and a change will follow him, which in the same way will begin to create a new dust.

Deep analysis of the work "Blessed is not evilpoet "leads to the fact that, unlike the first type, the second type of poets fights for its truth all life, which will be full of tragedies, they will not be recognized, expelled and fiercely hated, but even despite such a reaction, they will not stop . And they will do everything in their power to make society better, and the whole human world is filled with harmony, justice and goodness.

blissful gentle poet

Death as a reward

After their departure from life for this bold truth, they will always be remembered, and with every decade and century their glory will only multiply and shine even brighter on the literary horizon.

On the basis of the immortal creativity of such unrecognized geniuses who, without pitying themselves, through their poetry have made the world purer, and a new talented generation will grow.

Very beautiful and precise words about such poetsfinishes his poem "Blessed is the gentle-minded poet" Nekrasov. They say that as soon as the rebel poet dies, society immediately begins to understand how much this person did and how much he loved, hating.